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Summary: The past few training days except yesterday were not mine.


I went swimming with those Triathletes and I had to stop in training – AGAIN. What happened? I had a headache all day long already, apparently I didn’t drink enough and I still lacked sleep. So I was worse than ever – don’t mention my ego. In training after warmup I could easily swim 75 for the first part, but on … 75-100m I suddenly felt struck in my lungs and barely could breathe… From then on I could only swim 25-35m at once and then I plain left water and felt worse than ever (ego and stuff). Went to a whirlpool trying to calm down. In the pool I realized how much my legs still hurt from running on Sunday and Monday, my whole back and neck hard and slightly cramped and how dizzy I am.


With my lesson learnt, I went to bed early and went up late the next day. The day started with a basic workout for about 30 minutes: pull tail, sit ups, push ups, stretching… In the evening it was spinning and running thereafter. During noon I got me a Crossbike for down here and “warmed up” on a short 9km sprint. When it came to spinning I “exploded” and pushed myself to no ends (ignoring the instructor who called it: endurance 🙂 ). Running afterwards felt like running on eggs again, but it was ok…


What I plain don’t understand is the difference in swimming at home and swimming with the Triathletes. Somehow I do it all wrong when down here, but I need to tell myself all the time that it really is different at home. Then again I ask myself: maybe I am that bad but have a different perception of myself when training alone? Maybe some of either?


Maybe my training is not as hard as I feel it and how I write it here? Maybe I don’t realize how much of a parody I am and how far I am from reaching my goal? Ugh! As a reader you might say: nonono far from that! Yet perception can be a tricky thing – I have to take care esspecially on validating my training results.


Anyways: weight, weight, weight – my overweight kills my workouts also and this I must change asap. Right now I feel different from 3 weeks ago due to the refeed pause I made – this worries me. Before that refeed I felt more … like a sportsman.




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  1. Hang in there. The neat thing is that if you persevere under knowledge (which is what it sounds like you are doing), you will get there. It may not be as impressive to you as you want, but you will get there.

    • *grins* I had that conclusion dawn to me already… That I might not be as good at it like I want. Yet again I have a hard time to accept so I will train more towards it.

      Apart from that you are right: I have a Coach of which I am sure thathe is very good and a doctor who knows what he is doing. So it all depends on my will to finish…

  2. Ok … buddy … FIRST — you need to remember where you have come from and compare yourself to yourself while you are building up your endurance. I know you want to be #1, but that takes time.

    You will make it, because you want it. You have the RIGHT people on your team now — cut yourself some slack — Those people have already DONE a TRI — You are building up.

    One of MY favorite sayings is this: I always hang out with the best because I want to be MY best. Just your hanging out with them — pushing yourself to catch them — will cause you to catch up.

    Those visits there help you gauge where you need push for — NOT/NO/NEVER should they make ya feel less.

    Ok … done preaching … keep at it! I am so jealous that I am not even getting to drag miles behind you yet! 🙂

    • Awww swimmign is difficult with those Triathletes. On the one hand you are of course right, but… on the other hand I am subpar when in training.

      Meaning I am worse than usual in swimming. That one is difficult. So I also went out for specific sessions for myself in the same bath.

      Bottom line: I believe its in my mind, so I gotta work on that too.



  3. Das hört sich aber nach ganz großem Druck an.. Bitte pass auf dich auf! Auch ich habe mich immer mit den SChwimmern und den Radfahrern verglichen, bis ich feststellen musste, dass das nur Frust bringt.

    Mein Tip für ein Wetter wie heute: Lass Pulsuhr und ähnliches Equipment zu Hause und laufe eine etwas kleinere Runde als geplant. Du wirst sehen, wie gut das deinen Ressourcen tut.

    Und ganz praktisch gesehen: Du kannst diese Schlagzahl schwerlich noch 1 1/2 Jahre durchhalten, und so lange wirst Du noch brauchen. Besinne Dich auf das, was Du kannst und dann entspannt weiter.

    Lieben Gruß aus dem trainingsfreien Münster,

    • Awwwww trainignsfrei – unfair !!!! Aktuell bremst mich Erkältung und Arbeit aus. Das macht noch weniger Spass…

      Mit der entspannten Herangehensweise stimme ich Dir zu, das habe ich als Trainignsienheit obenauf gepackt 😀



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