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TriAddict – when the devil comes by…

There are times, when you know: I gotta post this. Something which happened to me. Today was such a time. But from the beginning…

Once upon a time… No, sorry! Let’s start this way:

Today I was on my “city-bike” on my way home from swimming. My city-bike is an old mountain bike, the typical cheapish, “none knows that name” and almost too rusty to ride on (not the one from my pictures – a different one). Myself – I was dressed just in some bike shorts and a muscle shirt: your average norm citizen on an old bike with a backpack from swimming and without helmet even.

So I was riding my bike on the road… until I saw something like this in front of me:

Whooopsie,… Triathletes flying low today? Anyways seems we had the same way and so I pedaled on…Oooook maybe, just maybe I hit my pedals a little bit more, while still making it look easy-going (normalo-style). That way on this Saturday afternoon I smoked that perfectly dressed wannabee-Triathlete on his Cervelo-TT-bike. I heard his heavy breath sometime afterwards still but… his attempt to pass me took his toll…

Figure he stopped in frustration.

I was tempted to tell him: don’t worry, I am in full training…

I didn’t – instead I smiled to myself, while preparing this posting in my mind.



Triathlon mares at night

It is weekend, a time where I slow down in regards to work (still enough tasks ahead over the weekend). Yet I have more time to do what I like. Once more it is posting about…

Triathlon mare

Triathlon mare

The Triathlon mare at night. A nightmare? No, but somehow … Yesterday I was going to bed early – exhausted. At night around 3:30 I woke up by a mare stomping over me in my bed. Every muscle on every part of my body: itching, scratching, hurting,… not bad, not too much, still annoying stopping me from sleep. I know that kind of night, I had those a lot in worse forms when I was very new to Triathlon training. After yesterday’s workout I had it again and call it the Triathlon mare at night. Because that’s how I feel.

Apart from that people tell: the most important part of training for a Triathlete is – sleep. After some time I fell asleep again but that mare took the best chunk of my sleep.

Today started smooth with extensive breakfast – ahead of me some intense workout, starting with swimming. Yeah!

Will I meet that mare again?



Crawling – I did it again…

Yikes! The tough schedule already pays for me! I get my work done and go for training.

Today: almost 5 hours training in a row. I feel like crawling! Coach Ralf prepared it the tough way and I …? Complied and added to it. Almost 2 hours on my bike, running directly afterwards and off to swim with some more biking later on.

Am I crazy? Actually I feel only exhausted! Plan for tomorrow and the day after looks mind-boggling. Let’s see how I do.

Improvements? There are SOME!

  1. Running directly after biking is a lot better now. When I am running directly after hours on the bike I am as fast as I am in base endurance training (which is 10% slower).
  2. Swimming my worst enemy seems to be close to surrender 😀 I am away from my goal to make it perfect, but accept for now that I am – for now – a left side breather. Instead of perfection I am hitting distances, distances, distances. This abides very well. I am confident to report 1km+ swim soon (TM) !
  3. Truth be told: my belly gets smaller – I can really see it. Figure today’s workout frightened my belly so it had to take cover 😀

Totally exhausted but in a good mood – tomorrow we go for the rough part, which Coach Ralf prepared – let’s see.

Yours truly


Working on the Triathlete …

the past few weeks I posted less to … nothing. Still work has me in its grip. Yet somehow I managed to find a way to make sport/training and work go hand in hand. As a result I have zero time for anything else.

In fact I was hesitant to stop completely like 1-3 weeks ago. Especially after I heard the magic sentence: “Looks as if you gained some weight?” I probably did paired with no to low training. Back home I tried to compensate with a drastic workout, which in return was a massacre – frustrating. As already mentioned in my last post I really started a drastic turnaround. Right now I am back to my diet (more sane but also more strict) and – after talking with Coach Ralf – drastically increased my workout with base endurance units.

Since I have to cope with my flaws:

  • sometimes running out of energy and power to go on
  • my weight and
  • my issues in swimming

Since I realized those, I decided to dedicate more time to my flaws. One major result is a huge step to loosing weight: at least 6 hours running per week and at least 6 hours swimming a week – in addition to Coach Ralf’s training plan. For that I reduced all the time I need for eating/preparing food, housework etc. If I didn’t cut the time elsewhere, I wouldn’t have the time to do that training. So basically it is 12-14 hours work a day, 2-4 hours doing sports and rest sleep and eating (right now only one meal a day). That schedule is pretty tight but works for now.


  • Running improves – again. I feel the sheer amount of times I go running to have a grand effect.
  • Swimming is still frustrating in regards to distance but… technique and anything else is pretty good (so I am told just yesterday by a pro swimmer). Considering the professional advice I got, 3-4 weeks of endurance training to increase swimming distance should make me easily swim 2+ km. We will see on that but I trust the ones who told me.
  • Biking – I do believe I am lucky in riding my bike. Whenever out and “meeting” other people on a road or time trial bike I easily smoke them. Not because I start racing due to them, but by simply going on with my scheduled training. Biking should be my easy part.

Bottom line: I am on “extreme weight-reduction”. It’s the only way out enabling me to achieve my goal.

Let’s see how it goes.



Dear Beth, dear reader,

I am still ok, thank you for asking. Another hard time of work (from early morning to late night), a marriage of close-by relatives,… I was running out of time.

In fact I also lacked time for training.

By now I am back trying to return to my heavy sports schedule. Worst right now is swimming (once more), running u a long way to go and biking is cool. Talking with Coach I am told “this months you might slack a lil bit still, but by the end of this we are getting serious. Yet you can drop in your additional units anytime.”

My plans are as follows:
– Drastically increase running in base endurance – at least once a day on 5 days a week (in addition to normal training)
– Drastically increase swimming in base endurance – at least four times a week (including normal training)
– drop in 1-3 base endurance long tours of 150km+

That’s quite a goal and I am aware that work will interfere (having priority on work), yet this is necessary for weight loss as well as getting used to more swimming and running. Especially my remaining weight as well as running out of time bothers me…


Weather is good, sun shining, we go… running!

Good choice. Months ago my running sucked. Well it still does, only less… I just read through old posts on how I fought with 10 mins/km (ok with 100 lbs. more) or similar. Also time ago in the beginning I wrote that the improvement at this time is the highest it can be – ever.

I was wrong.

Finally by today I am at 7:16 mins/km (it still sucks – agreed). Yet it is quite an improvement to me, since it means: I achieved 82,6% of my first goal in running (6 min/km being that first goal). When I started I was at 60% of that goal – ok that’s a change. By now it is obvious that I will soon run below 7 mins/km and soon also 6 mins/km. Right now it seems to be a matter of weeks, not months.

Now…. do you have any tips on how to “celebrate” once I am below 7 mins/km and… more importantly at/below 6 mins/km?

Running it again? A steak? A Kobe steak? Hrmmmpfff a bottle of Barolo? Or better a bottle of Scotch – 24-year-old Talisker sounds like an option! Choices, choices,… Actually one thing is in the making, but it won’t be ready by then 😦



Show must go on!

That’s the tune, which is in my head right now. My workload the past few days (weeks) was ridiculously heavy. As a reader you will always realize this, when I post way less. So I didn’t post several days – guess you can imagine now.

When working that much, my amount of training units drop naturally, but the few moments I do… At those times I push the limit. By then training is there to clear my head and get rid of any other thought. Eg. Sunday: 1h bike and 30 minutes run, directly after each other. I had to take it slow but didn’t. Instead I made it a PR. The bike tour, which takes me normally 1:20 – 1:30 hours including traffic lights… that one took me 1:03 on Sunday including traffic – let’s say I pushed it a little bit… Within 1:40 minutes after the bike tour was done, I already was outside running (same enthusiasm, but without a stop watch).

I wanted to crawl once I returned home. I didn’t, but instead I was happy.


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