Working on the Triathlete …

the past few weeks I posted less to … nothing. Still work has me in its grip. Yet somehow I managed to find a way to make sport/training and work go hand in hand. As a result I have zero time for anything else.

In fact I was hesitant to stop completely like 1-3 weeks ago. Especially after I heard the magic sentence: “Looks as if you gained some weight?” I probably did paired with no to low training. Back home I tried to compensate with a drastic workout, which in return was a massacre – frustrating. As already mentioned in my last post I really started a drastic turnaround. Right now I am back to my diet (more sane but also more strict) and – after talking with Coach Ralf – drastically increased my workout with base endurance units.

Since I have to cope with my flaws:

  • sometimes running out of energy and power to go on
  • my weight and
  • my issues in swimming

Since I realized those, I decided to dedicate more time to my flaws. One major result is a huge step to loosing weight: at least 6 hours running per week and at least 6 hours swimming a week – in addition to Coach Ralf’s training plan. For that I reduced all the time I need for eating/preparing food, housework etc. If I didn’t cut the time elsewhere, I wouldn’t have the time to do that training. So basically it is 12-14 hours work a day, 2-4 hours doing sports and rest sleep and eating (right now only one meal a day). That schedule is pretty tight but works for now.


  • Running improves – again. I feel the sheer amount of times I go running to have a grand effect.
  • Swimming is still frustrating in regards to distance but… technique and anything else is pretty good (so I am told just yesterday by a pro swimmer). Considering the professional advice I got, 3-4 weeks of endurance training to increase swimming distance should make me easily swim 2+ km. We will see on that but I trust the ones who told me.
  • Biking – I do believe I am lucky in riding my bike. Whenever out and “meeting” other people on a road or time trial bike I easily smoke them. Not because I start racing due to them, but by simply going on with my scheduled training. Biking should be my easy part.

Bottom line: I am on “extreme weight-reduction”. It’s the only way out enabling me to achieve my goal.

Let’s see how it goes.



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  1. Good luck Martin with all your goals. I know that will rock them and I am here to give you moral support!

    • Dear Christi,

      thank you a lot and please forgive my lack of presence on your blog. I really had no time and wasn’t online.

      Whenever you see me on your blog you will know that it is important to me – esspecially on how you fare.

      Thank you.



  2. Auch ich bin seit Wochen zum ersten Mal wieder hier… Das hört sich krass an. Das wichtigste ist, dass Du auf Dich aufpasst!

    Lass Dich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen, denk immer daran, wieviel Du schon erreicht hast.

    Und nur nebenbei: Normalerweise ist der Schwimm-Cut bei 2:20h, das sollte zu schaffen sein, wenn Du jetzt schon mehr als 2km am Stück schwimmst.


    • Hi Karina,

      aktuell bin ich auch recht krass drauf – zugegeben. Aber es geht nicht anders. Wenn ich jetzt nicht Gas gebe und mein Gewicht weghaue wird das nichts.

      Ich muss das schaffen oder kann gleich aufgeben.

      Dementsprechend konsequent ziehe ich das gerade. Sitze nun hier nach knapp 5 h am Stück und habe das Gefühl kriechen zu müssen 😉

      Aber ich spüre, dass ich lebe 😀


  3. So Glad to hear from you Martin.

    I know you will get to your goals, you are just that determined. Glad you have been busy working on work and Tri stuff.

    BE SURE to Take GOOD care of yourself, and watch that eating one meal a day stuff. You could send your body into starvation store mode. I know I do it to myself ALL the time. Then you will have to stop working out, and eat little to restart your body’s inner furnace. PAIN in the A$$ for sure! I am at the point I may have to restart again from over stressing. Yuck, Yuck, and double YUCK!

    Blessings my friend.


    • Dear Shonnie,

      Oh no – one meal a day is not the diet – don’t worry. The diet part is low carb. Actually I am eating a lot just different.

      1. one proper meal a day: self cooked and stuff. Normally without carbs, potatoes or so is just a rare goodie.
      2. yoghurt: by now I am addicted to fresh yoghurt
      3. fruit juices: a lot besides my water
      4. salad: salad for short term hunger, when it “bites” me

      So basically I reduced carb by 90% – 99% (yoghurt has em as well as the rare potatoe!) and also try to reduce fat, still I make sure to get some energy by fat (just no to low energy by carbs).

      It is how I started this journey and hwich offered me the fastest results. Now I go that way once more, just more extreme 😉


      • Sounds good man. I just don’t want ya to hurt yourself when working so hard. Take care. Work hard. Enjoy yourself!! 😀

  4. Hey just wanted to share this link with you.

    This guy trains the big guns in the TRI competitions.

  5. Martin, Martin, Martin…

    Glad to know you’re still among the living!

    Training like a fiend, are we? I’ll support you from the sidelines. And loudly!

    As for me, I’m just dreaming of when I can bake again! Don’t worry, I’m staying my skinny self, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bake!

    Alright, sir. Please stay in touch so’s we don’t have to send in Search and Rescue! Send up a flare every now and again so we know you’re still here. Kapeesh? 🙂


    • Dear Beth,

      had a short look at your blog and the three most recent posts. Especially liked your pie chart!!! I am so with you since I got similar thoughts about the part we don’t want to find again…

      So yes working and workout like a madman 😉 – sending my flares here and then. Time schedule really got me…

      Thank you for your words.


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