TriAddict – when the devil comes by…

There are times, when you know: I gotta post this. Something which happened to me. Today was such a time. But from the beginning…

Once upon a time… No, sorry! Let’s start this way:

Today I was on my “city-bike” on my way home from swimming. My city-bike is an old mountain bike, the typical cheapish, “none knows that name” and almost too rusty to ride on (not the one from my pictures – a different one). Myself – I was dressed just in some bike shorts and a muscle shirt: your average norm citizen on an old bike with a backpack from swimming and without helmet even.

So I was riding my bike on the road… until I saw something like this in front of me:

Whooopsie,… Triathletes flying low today? Anyways seems we had the same way and so I pedaled on…Oooook maybe, just maybe I hit my pedals a little bit more, while still making it look easy-going (normalo-style). That way on this Saturday afternoon I smoked that perfectly dressed wannabee-Triathlete on his Cervelo-TT-bike. I heard his heavy breath sometime afterwards still but… his attempt to pass me took his toll…

Figure he stopped in frustration.

I was tempted to tell him: don’t worry, I am in full training…

I didn’t – instead I smiled to myself, while preparing this posting in my mind.



Posted on May 28, 2011, in Bicycle, TT Triathlon bike. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Oh my, Martin… that’s hilarious! I got a huge kick out of this! 🙂

  2. *lach*

    Der wird noch von dir träumen und schweißgebadet aufwachen.

  3. I enjoyed reading that one as much as you enjoyed smoking him!

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