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The Triathlete nest…

Time and time again there are things, which make me laugh and which I don’t believe. That is especially when someone exaggerates or is gloating. It becomes worse, when it is from officials…

Whenever I travel to Hilpoltstein there is a sign at the highway: Triathlon region Rothsee.

Ok they got the Roth challenge there, the former Ironman Europe, so I knew, where they are coming from. Still seeing that sign always made me grin or giggle – just because I considered it funny calling a region a Triathlon region just because of one competition. I always made my fun about the people involved.

I was dead wrong.

There is definitely a nest of Triathletes here – where they are bred and coming from. You go out running and  no matter they time of day, you got 2-3 Triathletes passing you – every 5 km running. On the bike it is worse – usually they come in packs of 3-5 on time trial bikes. I  mean seriously I didn’t see a normal person on a bike for 3 days down here! But loads of Triathletes on TT-bikes or several people minding some serious business uphill on some high-end Mountain bikes. Swimming is even worse. Today swimming in the open bath we had more Triathletes in neoprene suit in the pool than normal swimmers.

No kidding – you gotta see that to believe.

Now you can say: fatsmoker, it is just because you are training yourself and therefore saw them. Unfortunately the story goes on… So, I was out for dinner in some nice spanish/mexican restaurant, enjoying the food and talking about Triathlon. Actually I am not sure if I can or should start at the sprint part of the Rothsee Triathlon in 20 days, so we were arguing at our table. Suddenly a voice from the side, the innkeeper – “Which Triathlon is it you are talking about?” – “I answered: 1st day of Rothsee Triathlon, sprint distance.”. And he answered: “Now that’s cool, I do my Ironman distance each year and also some shorter ones. This year am also at the Rothsee Triathlon 2nd day on olympic distance: Speedfighters is my team name, also got my restaurant’s name on my shoulder there: Teatro.” We talked for some time…

I confess: there is sufficient reason to call this region the Triathlon region. There is a nest closeby – I gotta find it!

Stay tuned for next report.



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