Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

Running: pain is temporary and quitting lasts forever…

Yada, yada,… I tell this one to myself a lot of times: “pain is temporary and quitting lasts forever…”. So for today I was out running. To me it looked cool like some recovery training, called pyramid sprints.

Huh? Sounds funny and easy doesn’t it?

So I went to my local stadium and started it… From 36 sprints my power slowly left me starting with 30th sprint. Still I finished, since we know: pain is temporary,… The last few sprints also made me feel my lower back hurting.

Upon coming home I suddenly realized how weak I am – how tired I am from that training. It only lasted less than 1 hour but was the hardest training ever!! Did I tell that the last time sprinting for me was like…. 25 years ago? Never did my legs feel that empty like today, not even after 5 hour bike tours or 10+ mile runs. Never did I think by now that a training could have such a huge impact on me. Despite writing I am still speechless, my legs hurting (the muscles) and some muscles feeling as if they cramp soon.

one current running shoe pair

maybe cut it apart 😉 ?




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