Borderline puke experience training

Today I learned about a form of training, which is brand new to me: BPET – borderline puke experience training. But from the very beginning…

Yesterday I had running sprints – a new experience to me. Today I had a swim training unit at first.

Something I didn’t mention so far: I rarely see Coach Ralf in swim training, so I took a personal swim trainer where I live – after telling Coach Ralf. That swim trainer actually is a cool trainer with history. History you say? Today I learned that he was a member of a formerly well-known national swim team (I didn’t get his agreement, so no hint at who he is). So let’s call him Coach X. Coach X has 1-2 training units a week with me and it seems he enjoys training me as well as seeing my progress. He knows a lot about swimming and is able to push me to a point, where I never was before in swimming. Additional hints on tips and tricks for swimming, stretching,…by him are a plus apart from his medical knowledge. Currently I am out almost daily doing Coach Ralf’s swim plan as well as additional units by Coach X besides the swim training units with Coach X.

So…. today I had a unit with Coach X. After it started, Coach X introduced me to… extreme sprinting. After the normal hour of personal training by Coach X I could barely move my shoulders or arms. I had issues to take a deep breath for hours afterwards. Not because I am so bad in training, but because Coach X lead me to my limits and pushed me beyond.


Coming home I felt uneasy, not bad, but uneasy. I worked some more and had… bike training! Coach Ralf had a 1 hour training unit listed with some unknown hint at training for me: frequency sprints.

Ohhh my god! Seriously? Sprints? You gotta be kidding me!

Yet I didn’t know what it is and so I googled it. Long story short, the best result I found by google told me about the training effect: puke experience training. “Train so hard that you feel the need to p…, but stop right before actually doing.” Coach Ralf had 10 sprints planned.

I actually cried during the bike training doing those sprints. I also made weird noise, when facing my limits.

As a result I call yesterdays and todays training: borderline puke experience training, short: BPET. BPET is cruel, hurts, is painful, but offers the feeling as if it pushes me forward.

Let’s see….



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  1. Wow, you are going to be a mad man with all those near puke experiences! I need to do some of those I guess.

  2. Makes people cry, I still feel my legs, but I guess we both know the feeling of your muscles… When you know exactly: THIS IS THE PAIN, WHICH MAKES ME STRONGER.

    I have that pain since yesterday and renewed today.

    Holler me if you tried. For me it started on 4th sprint with pulse beyond 148+ for more than a few seconds. I never thought you could feel the need to p… – knowing it, I could go there. I bet you can too!


  3. That sounds HORRIBLE Martin. I bet it will be amazing for your growth though. That happens to me most times I run anyway! haha! I STINK! It is ok, not gonna ever make records, but one day will make a tri event! Rock it buddy … Rock it.

    or should I say, puke it, puke it. hehehe 🙂


    • Hehehehe you are evil Shonnie!

      It still hurts, barely can move today and got some training (no sprints for today though!)…

      • Well … you obviously like evil Martin! hehee! Doing all them sprints and stuff! I know you are having fun though. You love this stuff. I can tell! Puking and all. 🙂 Am I right? Or am I right? hehe

      • Yes and no – the pain stopped my sleep and stopped me from training more. That is bad. But the experience as such – reachign one’s limit is extremely cool – yes you are right.

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