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fatsmoker2ironman – TriAddiction status

Right now work and training got me in their grip again. 25th this month is my first race – a test. As such I figure: no news is good news. It means that my training is running smoothly and that I am not deeply worried about something. So a simple status might be in order I figure, as well as things I learned:

  1. Overall – swimming: Coach X is helping me to jumpstart forward still. I am increasingly confident in swimming and by now I even compare my PRs without being too ashamed. Technique-wise I am currently on an-all-time-high, but still improving. Gliding in the water becomes much easier – day by day. Major focus for now is my shoulder and back muscles as well as insane amounts of stretching to prepare my body for performance and to set the basis for much more muscles growth in those areas of my body.
  2. Overall – bicycle: I truly believe that will be my favorite, but if swimming goes on as of now, it might happen in a few months time, that swimming might become my favorite discipline. I can ride my bike in high pulse of 135 – 151 bpm for literally hours (2 hours possible), while also powering in pedal speed of 80 – 100 bpm. All which stops me is uphill, when my still existing weight drags me back down. Yet my weight is still decreasing, so it becomes less daily. I believed that my speed on plain ground and downhill might decrease with my weight, still this is not the case so far. We shall see – long story short: I am extremely curious on my bike performance on that test race on 25th of June. Anything between last third to top3 feels possible. I have no clue.
  3. Overall – running: Running is steadily improving. Also I feel that those sprints the past week really added an edge – I feel positive effects already. Very cool. Two things keep me down in running as of now: technique and weight. On technique I feel that my taking breath is not optimal and not in synch with my arm and leg movement. There is more, yet that is most important. My issue with my weight is still obvious. Each pound I lose makes me faster. Currently my major training is running without ruining my legs and loosing weight.
  4. Overall – transition: I basically suck there. I know what and how to do, yet I can’t wear my neo yet (my lower legs are too massive) and I didn’t get clips for my running shoe laces yet. About time for me to get started there.

Also there are things I found out – things for me to keep in mind, which might help others too:


  • swimming: The effect of proper stretching prior training is crazy. The difference in time almost insane. We are talking about 2-5 seconds on 50m. Modified for a race this can be up to half a minute in a sprint Triathlon and up to a minute on an olympic distance, when comparing completely stretched to not stretched at all.
  • swimming: Concentrate on my “bad side” (the right side in freestyle stroke). When I concentrate I am even better on right than I am to left.
  • swimming: Backstroke is important to improve freestyle. Wanna be a good freestyler? Then become an ace in backstroke (I hate backstroke).
  • swimming: Make sure you use the pull rope correctly. Preferably train it on time, not in amount of pulls. 4 sets of 30 seconds each >> 4 times 20 pulls or so.
  • swimming: The longer you can swim freestyle without taking breath, the better your freestyle technique.
  • swimming: If you can dive through the pool, then you can swim through the pool in freestyle without taking breath.


  • bicycle: If you have issues to reach a higher pulse in training, then you are still not fit from last training.
  • bicycle: Concentrate to actively pedal all the time – use your muscles willingly. Sounds weird? I always thought I do, but it is not true. By now I am riding always under “tension” and it is cool and efficient.
  • bicycle:Try to close the bicycle-shoe less tight. As long as you can pedal ok it is fine. You will love that the shoe wasn’t tight, when in transition to run. This way I can instantly go running after biking without much issues, sometimes no issues at all.
  • bicycle: Glasses are not only cool to look at. Knowing for sure, that no insect hits your eye at full speed is very cool.
  • bicycle: If you don’t need additional proteins, you might want to find a way to open your mouth when needed – without catching every insect on the road.
  • bicycle: LOOK pedal system on TT bikes >> SPD system.


  • running: Concentrate on an even and deep breath.
  • running: Coordinate taking breath with your arm movement.
  • running: Coordinate your arm movement with your leg movement.
  • running: You can improve on taking breath by pushing your breath out in one heavy go.
  • running: A lot of issues are in your mind. You can run longer and faster already by just calming yourself.
  • running: Playing games by talking to yourself in your mind in running help to improve speed. Eg. I play which leg is more powerfull – the left or the right one? I test it on every set of usually 80-100 steps. I also tell myself that the other leg – which is not being tested – rests. Funnily this works for me.
  • running: Running without socks offers you blisters – ouch.


  • post-training: If you need junk-food, post-training like 30 minutes after training is ideal.
  • post-training: Swallow electrolytes including Magnesium and vitamins as if there is no tomorrow, especially when training a lot. Take those in both forms – naturally eg. vitamins as orange juice, as well as prepared eg. magnesium tabs. You are rewarded with less to no muscle pain. If it still doesn’t help enough, then make sure to eat additional salt – I take additional salt by means of a soup and adding salt to it.
  • post-training: Stretch! Then stretch some more! And then stretch much more. When you think you are done, then start stretching. Rinse repeat.
  • post-training: Some sweet and coffee (preferably Espresso) help you to keep going after training – only if you had your fair share of water beforehand.
  • post-training: Baby-oil is extremely cool to use on your whole skin, when you swim  a lot.
  • post-training: Make sure you got a reserve swim cap and swim google for next time.
  • post-training: Enjoy to know, that not many people on Earth have your endurance. Enjoy to know that only very few have the will to do what you do. You live life to it’s fullest.

Have a good training.



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