Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

Race preparation almost done – fatsmoker becoming nervous?

We have to see. It is a test, it is not important, it is a start to see where I am and to learn where to improve. It is not important at all…

FFS to hell with that! It’s my first race, all watching and I am still chubby – ARGGGGGGHHHH. Only help would be to be fast, very, very fast! Anything else KILLS my ego.

And now? Even worse I am not to train today! I need to “load up energy”! I already ate more carbs today than the complete last week! Almost feels like being on drugs! Last time on such a day I smashed a massive wooden door in my apartment. Not out of anger, but… I just closed it – maybe with *some* excessive energy.  So basically I am trembling, no training to vent  my excessive energy, all muscle pain gone (which I always have when in training). Nothing – this gonna be grand or a fiasco. I have no clue! All I know: I feel ready to take on anything (not only literally). I…

I am nervous.

Now back to work…



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