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First race done – next to come…

It’s done – I finished my first sprint Triathlon. The good thing: I am hyped I did and I finished.

A big hugs and thank you to the whole La Carrera Triteam club, who pushed and cheered me up! You rock!

The bad thing: Apart from issues in the race, I saw my race photos. Those are … good photos, but show the full truth of me! Showing how much I am weighing still – omg! Would love to hide somewhere right now!

On the bright side: seeing my “weight issues” so clear and still finishing 86 of 102 is… PARTY TIME!

I might write a full race report. For now… I drop weight like mad. I never want to see me again on photos with a belly! Game over belly 1!

For the start a pre-race-photo, which has been approved by my ego:

Rothsee Triathlon Samstag prerace

Rothsee Triathlon Samstag prerace

I came far still I need to lose  A LOT MORE weight! I am feeling bad on how much still. But I will! Damn kills me seeing my photos! Arggghhh.

Now: some who know me might want to cheer me up: “You have come far!” and so on… the whole point is: Not far enough yet. This race was the start, not the end.



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