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TriAddict – How much of a fat Triathlete are you?

The good part of being fatsmoker2ironman? I am allowed to make comments, which others dare not even think about.

Post race is pre race

That easy.

There is a lot I learned  from last race and a lot which hurt my ego.

What do I do?I change all that more drastically than ever. Just to make sure to have an even greater experience on next race.

What is it I do?

  1. I continue to swim a lot. Right now almost daily, even twice a day like yesterday: a normal swimming unit (eg. sprint or similar) and an open water unit – swimming to buoys.
  2. Running: yesterday I also ran 12 km. Simply because I lose most weight with running.
  3. Bicycle: I do not take that part too serious for  now. I do believe to be ok on my bike and I feel safe there. The weight I lose will help me on my bike and further improve my biking. So even though Coach didn’t send me my plan yet, I would almost bet, that bike units are reduced in quantity but increased in quality (more intervals, more sprints, not as long as before).
  4. Nutrition: back to diet, while further reducing calory input. There is always a lot of water in case I feel hungry. Nutrition is still a topic where I am unsure, where I don´t know for sure how much and what to eat or not. Of course overall I know what is right,  but I do not know it specifically for me. So how I do it now might sound bad to you (it is the way i wrote it), but it might be the right thing. It could still even be too much. Or maybe not enough. I seriously don’t know. At least it is healthy and I know for sure that besides calories – anything else I need is available to my body like eg. minerals, vitamins,…
  5. Transition:  gotta train that some more, maybe a lot more.
  6. Stretching,…: Due to my swim trainer this part improved loads. I continue to stretch 30 mins to 1 hour a day. A lot changed to the better since I stretch that much.

So that’s what I do. Now I am curious for Coach  Ralfs new plan for me…



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