Post race is pre race

That easy.

There is a lot I learned  from last race and a lot which hurt my ego.

What do I do?I change all that more drastically than ever. Just to make sure to have an even greater experience on next race.

What is it I do?

  1. I continue to swim a lot. Right now almost daily, even twice a day like yesterday: a normal swimming unit (eg. sprint or similar) and an open water unit – swimming to buoys.
  2. Running: yesterday I also ran 12 km. Simply because I lose most weight with running.
  3. Bicycle: I do not take that part too serious for  now. I do believe to be ok on my bike and I feel safe there. The weight I lose will help me on my bike and further improve my biking. So even though Coach didn’t send me my plan yet, I would almost bet, that bike units are reduced in quantity but increased in quality (more intervals, more sprints, not as long as before).
  4. Nutrition: back to diet, while further reducing calory input. There is always a lot of water in case I feel hungry. Nutrition is still a topic where I am unsure, where I don´t know for sure how much and what to eat or not. Of course overall I know what is right,  but I do not know it specifically for me. So how I do it now might sound bad to you (it is the way i wrote it), but it might be the right thing. It could still even be too much. Or maybe not enough. I seriously don’t know. At least it is healthy and I know for sure that besides calories – anything else I need is available to my body like eg. minerals, vitamins,…
  5. Transition:  gotta train that some more, maybe a lot more.
  6. Stretching,…: Due to my swim trainer this part improved loads. I continue to stretch 30 mins to 1 hour a day. A lot changed to the better since I stretch that much.

So that’s what I do. Now I am curious for Coach  Ralfs new plan for me…



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  1. Sounds like you are making great changes. Just keep up the hard work and all things will eventually come. That’s what my coach tells me anyway!

    • Actually pushing things. A lot I did before, but I did not push it. in some regards I maybe was too soft to me.

      Apart from that: those two periods where I almost stopped had a great impact on my training and my goals to the negative. So in fact I need to push and go further to achieve my goals.

      – 20kg less until 7th of August
      – less than 3 hours on Olympic distance

      Right now my only way leads forward, no way back, no way out.


  2. Martin …

    Do you have fun? I know the training is competitive, but do you have fun? I know you weren’t happy with your results, but you did good. Don’t cha know that most people on the planet don’t even try for half of what you just did.

    I am NOT saying don’t push. What I am saying is ENJOY what you accomplished — it was MASSIVE! You need to take a moment and look at this as the major victory that it was. You finished. Many don’t. Enjoy your journey and all the tests and trials along the way.

    You are doing good and you will get better with each challenge you face with each Tri you compete in.

    You did good man!

  3. PS: First race was fun and no fun 😉 The headache part was not funny at all. Anything else was ok 🙂

    • Good … Glad you had some fun. Have fun with the next one too. You will learn a bunch and then you will build up to kickin’ butt for real. Remember, you are makin’ major progress. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your next race. 🙂

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