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fatsmoker2ironman – drastic changes of my body

The past few days were filled with work and also a general tiredness. Actually I believe I still was slightly sick.

Also I had still a pain in my thigh and so I took it slow in regards to training. Still there are changes and those are drastic:

  1. Swimming: Remember that I was fighting 50m and 100m? As in trying to swim those in a row? In the sprint Triathlon everything was wrong. By now I can EASILY (no kidding) swim 1.5 km and much more. Even 3 km are ok for me in a row. This change happened within like 4 weeks. I am baffled. Only thing: I can not control my speed, meaning I am too slow sometimes trying to preserve power in swimming. So my times for 1.5 km vary heavily by up to 30%. I feel cool and very good in my “Raelert” blessed wetsuit (if only they had “blessed” my bike and running shoes too 🙂 )
  2. Bike: not much to say. As predicted I kept my bike form. In race pace I probably improve since I kept my muscles but lost weight by loosing fat.
  3. Running: Actually I am in taper phase, but somehow my running training unit from last week still haunted me – I had not done it. So today I was out running 14.2 km. Split per km? 6:47 minutes/km and it wasn’t even race pace (but my legs feel as if 🙂 ). If this change goes on like it does now, I will be able to do a 6:30 minute/km split or less.

There are also bad news, still I don’t like to think about those now.

Here a view on the fatsmoker2ironman design trisuits and tritops:

fatsmoker2ironman TriTop

fatsmoker2ironman TriTop

fatsmoker2ironman TriSuit

fatsmoker2ironman TriSuit

There are quite some details and tricks to this design. Let us see:

  1. Despite my weight loss I still have a small belly. So I added the wave, which divides both pieces in a blue and white part. Of course in a way that the lower part of a belly is hidden under the dark blue part. The irregular wave form blurs any belly contour. Hey fatsmoker2ironman have ego too!
  2. The club part of La Carrera TriTeam on the legs is not 100% horizontal but slightly rotated. This way you can read it perfectly as a spectator on the bike but also on the run.
  3. The dark blue part from thighs to belly actually has a pattern, which you can barely see. The pattern? look at this blog’s background it’s exactly that picture.
  4. For people loving details the lower end of the blue wave and the upper end are all decorated with our club’s Triathlon icon. Anyone into symbols knows that this adds power and determination to the one wearing it. Hey, I need all tricks possible!

For testing I tried all pieces just to see if I will have issues with my skin or so. Nada – nothing – it is the first TriSuit of many, which fits immediately and nothing hurts. Perfect.

For  now my legs hurt from the run and I try to survive the night.



TriAddict – Last impact week – tapering phase inc.

@Michael – On a short sidenote beforehand after our talk in the lake: drop me a note if you like to since I got a suggestion for your issue.

So tapering phase is incoming for me. It is a weird feeling – the fitness of my lifetime and I am hungry for more, much much more. Yet before elaborating on my current status I received an Email… (translation below for the English only readers):

Hallo Martin,

Deine Teilnahme an der Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman Championship 2012 ist hiermit bestätigt.

Veranstaltung: Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman European Championship (de) 2012
Datum: 08.07.2012 – 00:00


Dear Martin,

we herby confirm your application to Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman Championship 2012.

event: Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman European Championship (de) 2012
date: 08.07.2012 – 00:00

So it is done, no turning back. 8th of July 2012 it is. I am not sure yet if I should be happy or cry. Cry simply because I am aware of all the pain to follow in the year to come. Others train 16+ years for this and I try to do it after 2 years and still after my first year I feel like a newbie. Well actually I am a newbie still.

Anyways taper phase is incoming. I am happy for taper phase because I feel my legs need rest to regenerate. Especially the pain in my thighs on the backside faded for my left leg but increased for my right leg – ouch. Interval running training has its issues and drawbacks for sure in my weight class. While at it:

  1. Right now my weight drops like ice melting in the sunshine. Since I got a scale here at home now I can verify that I lose almost 1.5 kg (app 3lbs.) per day. I blame mostly my running training, which is high impact. Yes I love it.
  2. As mentioned above my right thigh is painful, while my left thigh now is ok – the same pain in my left thigh left me 2 days ago and now it feel just grand.
  3. Today I was swimming in the lake where my next competition is. I tried to swim approximately the course for race day. First turn wasn’t good I had to stop freestyle and continue breast stroke for 3-8 strokes about 5 times since I am not used yet to a race rhythm. On second turn suddenly it was ok and I could quite easily swim the whole race distance in freestyle. Also I learned that my muscles easily do the distance, taking breath is still a major issue – were it better I could swim a lot faster. Overall I blame my past as a heavy chain smoker. It becomes drastically better, almost day by day but its far away from perfect.
  4. Running – wow that discipline almost frightened me until a few weeks ago, then it became hard work and now… I feel like I can fly. Depending on the time of day, overall fitness etc. I can make tempo runs. I also learned to play with my tempo and my pulse and feel the power surging through my legs. It feels incredible. By now I am aware that running is my major issue on race day, but… I am much more curious on Ironman next year. If my improvements in running go on like this, it might be a blast doing the marathon next year.
  5. Ohh well, biking – let us be frank I am not much on my bike. In everyday life I do everything on my bike and this for sure ensures that I keep my fitness. Swimming and running are more important and that’s right now exactly the way of my training plan.
  6. Transition – so far I did not care much for transition, but it seems I have to. In the next few days I am training a lot, like leading my bike by saddle, jumping on bike eventually with shoes in cleats, bike to run,… Swim to bike I actually trained the swim exit part – I believe to be really good in getting my wetsuit off, keeping goggles and cap in the wetsuit. Onto bike is my issue. We will see on the rest and decide 4 days before race day what I will do: conservative or feeling comfortable with those optimizations.
  7. Did I tell my right thigh hurts? Right in this second while typing – grrr cant await tapering.

So Coach keeps telling me: all I want you is to finish, forget about your wager. Well I do believe I will win my wager 1st turn, but it is actually not only for that. The better I am on race day, the more I can say thank you to all involved. And maybe deep down I need the pressure to give the last quantum I need to be good for my weight class and situation. I am quite sure to finish, but I hope I can finish in a way that I feel like crawling once I pass the finish line. Not before, but directly when I pass it.

That’s what I truly hope: knowing and feeling I gave everything I could – never less.



TriAddict – what sick fatsmokers do!

Sick fatsmokers? I do not know what those do, when being sick. But I know what a sick fatsmoker2ironman does: interval training – Yeahhh. The kind of training any doctor advises against when sick. The type of training, where doctors tell stories of heart rhythm issues due to it,…

That is what a fatsmoker2ironman does, when sick.

And? 6:52 min/km was yesterday. Today it is 6:46 min/km. Sub 6 min/km I am cooooooooming! Gerooonimooooooooo!

Dear 6 minutes per kilometer,

beware when I am not sick anymore – I gonna crush yo!



PS: Tomorrow in the morning I have my spinning class again. Some of those attending to my last one did a huge mistake: they told the boss of the fitness studio how cool my spinning unit was. Tomorrow in the morning I gonna crush them with some high impact interval unit. How can my spinning units be effective, when they remember the last 20 minutes? 😀

fatsmoker2ironman in TriAddict (Challenge Roth) land…

Challenge Roth is over, daily work and training got me in its grip again. So apart from all the atmosphere, this blog is also my diary, where I tend to read about times past and how it developed over time.

Therefore this post is a status update:

  • On Sunday evening I went home on my Mountain bike in heavy rain. And so since Monday I have the cold.
  • I actually learned that I have the cold while trying a swim unit in Rothsee in my wetsuit (superhero suit as Cardiogirl would say 🙂 ). I stopped the training at like 1,000m totally exhausted and out of breath. Shortly thereafter I coughed, light headaches,… This was uncool.
  • Due to the cold I stopped swim training but turned to training in a studio close by. My workout consists solely of exercises for the muscles I need for swimming – so I hope I do not lose my current swim performance.
  • Even though it is  not really smart but a huge risk: I continue my other training as planned. I even do interval training in running and biking. Either the cold leaves me or I become really sick. We shall see…
  • Today’s running pyramid training made me a happy fatsmoker2ironman: 6:53 minutes split per km. I finally get to enter areas, where one could call it running. Actually – considering I have  the cold and considering it is a hilly course – this is a good  sign in my book. It is the first time EVER for like 20 years, where I confirmed that I am running a sub 7 minute split per km. Yeaaah! I had to call Coach Ralf on his mobile and tell him.

I feel like dancing, when I realized I did a sub 7 min/km split.

Yeaahhh – let us see how much more I can drop my time per km.




TriAddict picture series of race day Sunday – Challenge Roth part #1

Challenge Roth is a mega-event in Triathlon. Yet many, who never experienced it, don’t know how much this holds true. So I try to show you parts of the atmosphere as a spectator by means of the photos I shot. Here some views over the swim to bike transition zone.

World's biggest swim to bike transition zone

World's biggest swim to bike transition zone

Another view over world's biggest swim to bike transition zone

Another view over world's biggest swim to bike transition zone

Watching one could see some Sebi-fan posters. The sentence: victory or ambulance felt true over the whole race. More than anyone anticipated.

"Sebi" Sebastian Kienle: victory or ambulance

"Sebi" Sebastian Kienle: victory or ambulance

Up to swim exit the race was as expected: Andreas Raelert was in top group after swim with Sebi being minutes behind. Listening to Andreas afterwards he apparently got lucky and could save power, while being behind two swimmers.

"Sebi" Sebastian Kienle just got on the bike and off onto race course.

"Sebi" Sebastian Kienle just got on the bike and off onto race course.

At this point Sebastian Kienle expected to push and approach Andreas Raelert. The first few hours this even worked slowly.

Solarer Berg view upwards. Athletes have to bike directly into the masses - only in last second the people move.

Solarer Berg view upwards before any athlete passed. Athletes have to bike directly into the masses - only in last second the people move.

At one point the athletes approach Solar hill – masses of people who only move in last second.

View downward from Solarer Berg.

View downward from Solarer Berg.

Once the athletes are on Solarer Berg, they are all pushed by the masses – mentally. All athletes I know tell me,  that on top Solar hill they are at max pulse, but don’t realize it. Yet they need a long time to calm from that experience. On Solar hill there is no turning back and no going slow…

Solar hill - police preparing the masses for Andreas Raelert approaching on his first lap.

Solar hill - police preparing the masses for Andreas Raelert approaching on his first lap.

Police and referees prepare the masses for the athletes approaching.

Solar hill - time car passing.

Solar hill - time car passing.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of Andreas passing on top of Solar hill.

Sebastian Kienle on second place behind Andreas Raelert on Solar hill.

Sebastian Kienle on second place behind Andreas Raelert on Solar hill.

Yet minutes later Sebastian Kienle approaches. At this point he looked ok – still it appeared as if he has to work his bike harder than Andreas Raelert before.

End of part one.

Challenge Roth – TriAddicts party or: an answer to TriBomber Scott Ransom

tribomber: Pretty cool that they were so approachable and genuine. (Scott about the Raelert brothers in my last post).

Frankly this was stunning and impressive. I look at the pictures time and again and… normally one would tell about the Raelert brothers: its some acting for the camera. But… I was there – it was zero acting. What you see in the news, but also on those pictures here is the way they are. A real stunning experience.

I already had the impression on how much of brothers they are – yesterday’s race offered proof on how much: Michael giving his brother advice all the time, even being able to push his brother in the end to break the world record. Amazing on how close and intensively both work together.

I guess you learn from my words, on how impressed of both I am still.

Most interesting moments on Challenge in regards to Andreas:
– I was standing on top of “Kränzleinsberg”.
– Andreas flew by on his bike, almost too fast to be seen and looking fit, really fit.
– Minutes later “Sebi”, Sebastian Kienle approaching, water running down his whole body, apparently working extremely hard on his bike.
– You could already see that Sebi was at his limits, always close to hit the wall.

Yes, it was impressive how well Andreas did, but also the sheer willpower of  Sebi, doing his  best, always on the limit, trying to achieve victory.


Yet this only scratches the surface of what  I experienced as a  spectator. So much more like the performance of club mates. One hitting the finish line at 9:20 h, a young Lady of our club hitting 1st in her age group and so much more to tell… like Bernd Eichhorn – I promised him to “shout him uphill” and when he told “I am looking for you”, I told him: “Don’t look for me – hit the road harder, I’ll be there.”

What did Bernd do?  After race he told me, that he saw me up on Solar hill and on second turn up on Kränzleinsberg “shouting him uphill”. He finished 8:39:12 h – feels good that our “intense cheering” helped our people so much.

Looking at results I still wonder how it is possible, that so many local athletes are able to compete with the TOP100 Elite.

There must be a specific TriAddict gene in the people living around here…


TriAddict – professional wetsuit Raelert & Raelert blessings

Most of the things you do happen to be completely different. So, when I met Andreas and Michael Raelert,… well, let’s start from the very beginning…

So I had that brand new wetsuit from 2XU. Yet I already had a hole in the wetsuit, so… why not return to the exhibiton  and ask those guys from 2XU for help? Suddenly at the fair I saw something weird…

Challenge - Friday - Andreas and Michael Raelert signing cards...

Challenge - Friday - Andreas and Michael Raelert signing cards...

Both Raelert brothers Michael and Andreas Raelert signing cards and a long queue of people waiting for their card to be signed. So while watching I realized both must be sitting there for like 2-3 hours straight.


So you are a top notch world class Triathelete (TriAddict) and sign those cards. What was impressive? Both not only signed those cards, but were nice and humble to every person. Smiling and not acting as if but being really and seriously nice to each person.

Well me was not me if I would not try to make up a cunning plan to do something different, something unexpected…

So I went into the queue and waited for my turn…

fatsmoker: “Hi Andreas, really sorry but may I ask for something completely different?”

Andreas Raelert: “Well, uhmm sure…” (he looked puzzled with a big smile on his face, curious on what’s next.)

fatsmoker: “See  I am writing this blog which people around the world are reading…” <Insert short fatsmoker summary here, mentioning the ultra-distance wager for 2012>

fatsmoker: “I do not need a signature or so, but… would you mind to send together with your brother some positive vibes through this wetsuit? Those vibes must last to next Challenge Roth or Ironman Frankfurt! That’s really important – whatever you do make it last and make sure to add some godspeed…”

Michael Raelert and Andreas Raelert sending some positive vibes thriough the wetsuit

Michael Raelert and Andreas Raelert sending some positive vibes and godspeed through the wetsuit

Now that’s a wetsuit now!(Talk about Cardiogirl’s remark on a superhero suit!)

We talked a few minutes about the blog, while like…. loads of people were waiting, curious on what was going on there. What struck me is that both Raelert brothers were seriously interested and not acting as if.

So on that Friday afternoon I learned about two brothers being themselves, true and real – two brothers sharing a dream and living it.

All the best for race day Andreas and godspeed!



Challenge family – TriAddict party with fatsmoker2ironman

Just a short news  this time! It is crazy here – the closer we get to Challenge Roth 10th anniversary race. I never knew it was that much!

To get started, here the official picture of the new gantry! It is a permanent installation to remain there over the whole year.

Challenge Roth new gantry

150,000+ people to watch and cheer expected, insane amounts of TriAddicts (what – i believe someone said 6,000+)…

This is crazy.

And fatsmoker was there to cheer for club mates doing the yearly Challenge “night run”. Later on in the Erdinger hut, Felix Walchshoefer (Challenge “father”, CEO of the Challenge company) accepted participating in a “fatsmoker2ironman photo shooting proof” (Sorry I am me!).

fatsmoker2ironman after asking Felix for a photo shoot.

Martin Sauer and Felix Walchshoefer 2011 Erdinger HĂźttengaudi.

Stay tuned for more info from Roth – sounds as if this could become much more fun. I am really curious on Sunday since I am told that it will be some crazy fun on the final race day.



PS: Ohhh yes the one behind is really me – my current July pic…

Challenge Roth exhibition: fatsmoker2ironman finally got it by 2XU Europe

You know all my issues on my neoprene suit? Weight still dropping but… my lower legs are plain too massive. So?  What did  I do?

Challenge Roth 10th anniversary band

Challenge Roth 10th anniversary band

Correct! I went to the Challenge Roth exhibition where all those high end manufacturers got their stuff and tell what they can do (or might try to do).

So word is: I directly went for 2XU and – lucky me – CEO of European marketing partner was there too. Frankly I was almost sure they  can’t help. Now here is what happened:

  1. fatsmoker: I need a Neoprene suit!
  2. 2XU: Sure we got!
  3. fatsmoker: Ooook even for my lower legs?
  4. 2XU: Gooosh — those aren’t  thighs but lower legs? Never saw that!
  5. (I see those daily).
  6. 2XU: Let me look, try this one…
2XU R:1 Race Neoprene

2XU R:1 Race Neoprene

Holy… Moly! That beast was tough to put on, but it fit! Minutes later I am in the pool swimming and it fits like a second skin – perfect. And to top it off: superb discount on Challenge exhibition. Putting it of for transition was a matter of seconds.

I admit I am a believer now. Thank you Matthias for that pricing and to Oliver Herzig, who helped me to find the correct one, to put it on and who accepted to be wet from the guy in the wetsuit, who jumped into the wet water (or something along that line). Thank you both of you!



TriAddict: scratching the fat in fatsmoker

Being more rigorous seems to pay off. From the past long ago I know that the effect increases drastically the closer I obey my own rules in work  out and diet.

Therefore a short status:

  • Overall: My new training plan arrived. It is as expected, but doesn’t appear to be that hard as anticipated.
  • Swim: Swimming improves in huge steps. Daily or twice a day swimming pays off. Distance and speed by now jump forward. Comparing to others training in the pool I believe i am doing well, really well. Yet I miss Coach X, simply since he can push me even more. In regards to Coach Ralf I am unsure on how far  off I am to swim training of the club. After all most are training for Challenge Roth or are short before taper phase – so I don’t want to participate and thus mess up their  training.
  • Bike: Not much biking I do for now. Today is a short unit of 2 hours.
  • Run: Much more running and much more willingness of me to push running harder. Yesterday’s running ruled – I wasn’t much faster, but it was more… fluent, easy… After all it seems I am seriously loosing weight faster, which is probably the reason for my improved running.
  • Weight: It is really, really hard to stay with my “diet”. In fact I am far from obeying it 100%, still I do. The effect is still obvious – it seems I am loosing weight faster than ever. Day by day I see more of my muscles, especially on my legs. Also my veins are popping out – and grow in size it seems.
  • Problems/Issues: Right now I have close to zero issues, except a minor pain in my left ear. If it doesn’t fade I gonna see a doctor, but nothing severe. Former issues are now gone. This includes “water in my tissue” of my lower legs, issues with my back,…
  • Remark: Ordered my Tri-Suit. It is not fatsmoker specific since I got… sponsors 🙂 Yet it is my design. You will see here…

Bottom line: Today I seriously feel 10-20 years younger than 6 months ago.



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