Magnet: TriAddict in action

Somehow… somehow I  still can not stop training, it is never enough. Today I was lazy – I only offered a spinning instructor lesson of 1.5 hours. Since I am instructor I refrained from more training today for myself: I had told my people that today would be exhausting. Their comment?

“Today`s spinning unit with you (me) times four = Challenge Roth.”

I loved that statement… (Mark me that statement was by people who know exactly about Duathlon/Triathlon and Challenge Roth).

Spinning the American way

To my American readers: I “adjusted”  my spinning lesson. How? You might recall the Magnet Nike add:

By now I found the complete song by Fisher:

That song has an interesting power for riding a bike and so I use it for the beginning of a spinning unit as well as for the end. My people now know when it gets serious and when to calm down. Somehow, somehow this song is a tribute to my American readers – a short  moment in my spinning lesson, where I think about you reading my blog and where I smile: Beth, Shonnie, Christi, Scott, Mike and many,many more. When that song plays, you are somehow there in the spinning lesson for a brief moment.

Thank you for taking the ride with me – in times where work overload stops me from posting and in times where I can not stop posting several times daily. Posting  about my addiction: Triathlon.

To those who like to know: here an idea on how spinning can be like – actually the style in the link is somehow similar to how I do it:


I am still around Roth, work does not allow me to go home right now. Still I am feeling good down here. The only thing I miss? My TT-bike I miss, so I increased the amount of spinning units drastically to stay fit on the bike (3-4 times spinning a week + Mountain bike training apart from daily running and swimming). Yes, I still enjoy my workouts. As soon as Coach Ralf is back in action I will try to turn this amount I have now into my regeneration training amount. Right now I do not try to figure out, what that might mean for next month Triathlon training…


Running is a blast – it improves daily now. Some days I am out running up to two times a day. Last run (yesterday) hit me at 6:19 min/km. So I am about 2-4 weeks away from my “long-term” goal of being below 6:00 min/km. Considering my weight-loss, I am sure to get below 5:00 min/km this year. Finally I get to interesting times – yes, I am happy about it.


I got my fight with my wager. Not with my partner I had the wager with, but with the Triathlon club responsible for races and rules. It seems there will be a funny twist to this story. I am still laughing on what is going on and will tell you all about it here once I sent my next letter.

Seems as well as if I will translate the whole correspondence and everything around so you get the drift on what is going on. A small hint: today I learned that a soft breeze of app. 3 miles/hour is actually a gruesome storm, which makes buoys drift apart in mere seconds on a secluded area of a lake covered by tress all around. This of course is the reason for the longer swim course. Yes seriously! I call it: the Frankfurt Triathlon swimming mind storm! (Really stormy that stormy storm is.)

And just because people are less… stringent on the truth on my complaint I started to verify each and every statement by officially available and confirmed data. Seriously – they try to pull my leg. This is exactly the point, where people get me started. I am all in for an honest statement: “Hey, something was wrong!”, “We work on that!”,… A statement like that and I am ok. No need to be the troublemaker for serious and honest people. But pulling my leg and trying to make me shut up by means of… “bending the truth” is plain not wise – promised!

I love this sport and will not allow anyone to spoil it for me this way.


I am ok and kicking still – more than ever. IM Frankfurt casts its shadow and I am already anticipating it, knowing it is close already – much closer than it sounds with 310 days to go…

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  1. Ah, Martin… you big (your heart, not the person staring back at you in the mirror) sweetie! How I love reading your blog! As I’ve told you many times, you’re doing something I wish I was physically able to do, and I admire and cheer from afar!

    And I’d never heard that tune before, but I like it. I could see walking to it. I think the cadence of the music is perfect for repetitive motion. Then again, I think Ravel’s “Bolero” is perfect as well… since it’s the world’s longest, most repetitive song (and I love it!!!) and the cadence is perfect for walking, running, cycling, sleeping… oh, wait. Hmmm. Maybe you should run, cycle, and swim to it. I’ll hold down the walking and sleeping units. Well, maybe not swim. 😉

  2. Martin, wish we were (mike and I) in the spinning session with you. =D

    • Be careful what you wish for 😉 My spinning sessions are exhausting.

      Upon start I always promise: “You will weigh less than you started with!” I keep that promise – always!

      Then again you two would probably enjoy too – it is a huge fun.


  3. Yay, I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how things are going for you.

    Keep up the great training!

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