TriAddict – an update on hardcore spinning and the days to come.

There we go: time goes on, except the past 10 days I was kind of lazy… Lazy average of 1.5 hours training a day (sometimes less!!).

On the bright side my spinning lessons go on and on – people take time off just to be able to attend to my sessions πŸ™‚ – I love that.

By now we got always 1-4 people too much, who I have to send away – just too many people. Yesterday I had my last lesson this month and I can barely walk today… People were making fun on “when will the first attendee fall of his bike…”. Of course none did. Spinning lesson yesterday started with a lot of uphill units and “german pop” from 80’s and 90’s. After like 40 minutes all were used to that completely different music by me. Until… until suddenly this came up (no, please dont judge from the vid – only the music πŸ˜‰ ):

At that moment people from the studio came in and brought new and fresh water, so that my people don’t need to leave to get water. After all we had 50 minutes to go. I think… they realized what was about to come – hardcore spinning ;)…

Another song from last session – imagine riding your bike to the rhythm:

Yet after the unit the whole floor was slippery and wet – all of them were sweating so much, that you could see a trail of sweat from spinning to dressing rooms.

Very cool – I laughed a lot.

Here another song as example for speed from my last session:

Now today back home to Frankfurt, to see my bike and… go biking – I can’t await to ride my TT bike! Also Coach X already planned his first swim training with me for Saturday – I gonna learn dolphin style tomorrow! Yikes!

I am excited!!

Yours truly


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  1. Have a great weekend! I think I need to attend one of your spin classes. They sound like fun!

    • I promise you to sweat! I try to improve my “motivatinal abilities” each time. Where motivational ability refers to a general habit in making people to approach their personal limit and… then go past that line.

      To me it is the secret – 2/3 and they are at their limit. And then they are in some sort of tunnel, they forget pain, being exhausted – everything. It is only them, the bike and their body.

      It is some sort of addiction in itself or so I believe. So yes, you are always invited. Should you ever consider to attend the biggest Triathlon on Earth, which is hosted in Roth – Challenge Roth, then I can support you with almost anything and especially – spinning classes πŸ™‚



  2. I love your definition of lazy…LOL. Even though it’s normally not my kind of music I can totally see how the songs get you going on the bike! I’d also love to take one of your classes, right now I’d probably come out crawling after a few minutes…But in a year or so…hehe.

    Have a great week!


  3. Hahaha! Martin … love the music. Wish I was there for your class. πŸ˜€

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