Running …

My training plan for now is about running. Something which is very good since I need to improve running, while running helps me loose more weight easily. All that happens by now. Running slowly is by now always below 7:00 min/km (remember how I fought with myself to run less than 7:00 mins/km?) and weight is dropping still.

Also training wise I learned some important lessons – most important the saying of quality of training also applies to running. And quality of training is exactly what Coach Ralf is pushing for now. Let us see…

Also I am now used to running more and more. My joints feel 100% ok (never had issues with those) only my muscles complain by times. Since I am running a lot it is difficult or more like impossible to know how far I have come now. Therefore I am curious on my first tempo test after some days of relaxing. Let us see if I have such a time soon…

As a summary: I am still alive and kicking, while training daily. How do you fare?



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  1. Hey Martin,
    Good to hear from you 🙂 I’m glad you’re kicking it and I’m also very curious to see how you’ve improved tempowise.
    I’ve been struggling with the running this week, my calves were too sore and a lilttle cramped. I Think I may need some magnesium..?
    Have a great week!

    LG, Cardio Girl

    • Dear Vivian,

      magnesium for sure is one part. Yet there is more. It is for sure wise to check how acidic your whole body is. Most likely – very. Quite likely it will help you also to check for an alkaline nutrition addition.
      1. from what I learned you are quite acidic already from your food
      2. sport adds to that, especially in the beginning
      3. considering 1. and 2. you are most likely very acidic…

      Why care for that? First you feel much more sleepy, second it makes going for the next exercise mentally difficult and third by that your risk for cramps increased. For myself I chose Pascoe – no lactose or wheat included.



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