TriAddict – good people are, where you least expect them.

There it is – motivation never left me, but…

Ok one by one:

  1. I saw a doctor for my pain. Result does not sound good. I have to see another doctor. Basically my upper thigh muscle is far beyond its capabilities. We now have to check if there are any consequences to my hip and other leg due to that. And what it means for sports coupled with my still existing weight. Apart from that we have to find out the exact status of that muscle. *ouch*
  2. I am taking medication for my thyroid for some time. This ain’t good for my sports goal and there is a possibility I do not need it anymore! I will learn about that one soon.
  3. Due to 1. and 2. I have to cancel my performance test. I would have loved that one but it does not make any sense.
  4. Had some Email exchange with a very special Lady, who is into high-end Triathlon. The news from the doctor made me feel down, yet she told me: “Hey sounds to me like too much too soon. I nearly don’t know any sports person, who did not experience it.” That one cheered me up a lot.  Might be that all remarks about “burnout” are true. I did not expect that kind of help and support from her. Thank you SB! I gotta check with Coach Ralf once I can call him.
  5. Got my running shoes like I told :).
  6. Going to care a little bit about my ego the next few weeks.
  7. Please press your thumbs that this sports doctor I gonna see does not cancel my sports due to health reasons…

Yarrr ok here my new set of running shoes. I will be checking my old 3 pairs to see, which set still works and dispose of the others.

New running shoe sets

New running shoe sets

So we shall see.




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  1. I am glad to hear the doctor has been able to help you. Your doctor should not tell you to stop. A good doctor will recognize your need to sports and will help you towards that goal!

    Yay for new running shoes!

    • That doctor is special. He is known for his competence and a very good friend, who just tells the truth in a blunt way. Which actually is the reason I went for him.

      He is also straightforward in telling me I need an expert for this. Well we shall see – I got my appointment for Thursday…

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