TriAddict: Mr Doctor says, we will…

… whatever…

Several people recommended that doctor to me, so I went there for my appointment. I expected a doctor and Triathlete. I got the most straightforward and blunt advises possible.

So I took my time to swallow on those.

Anyway – one after the other:

  1. During interview the doctor already expected some kind of burnout.
  2. During diagnosis he found:
    – my upper thigh muscle being inflamed
    – tissue already stiff
    – lack of stretching of my legs overall
    – joints and movement being perfectly fine
  3. Then came the really blunt part about training, over-training, burn-out,… That part lasted about 45 minutes (the other part only like 15 minutes).

Truth be told: I am aware he is right. Also this kind of… blunt speech proves to me that it was all about health – my health. Well – he came through.

What is happening now?

  1. I will take my recovery time.
  2. I have to take a slightly different approach.
  3. I need to find a way to not push my body too extreme. I still believe that this aspect of pushing is something good overall, but I need to learn where I have to stop in favor of my own health.

There might be some more changes in future, but all in due time. For now: recovery… and enjoying that I don’t feel pain, while sitting still.



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  1. Oh, Martin…

    I’m so sorry! But please, please remember… this is a temporary problem for which there IS a solution. Don’t lose hope! Like you said, you’ll have to make some changes in your approach to training, but that doesn’t mean you WON’T be able to change once your body has healed. This is good news!! And if you get a little blue, post something and we’ll all rush in and remind you why you’re doing all of this!


    P.S. Don’t fall off the healthy eating wagon just because you can’t go out and burn all of the calories!

  2. Martin, I am sorry but at least you know what you need to do now. I did the same thing when I started running and it was not good. I did not stop and I only hurt myself. I hurt myself bad enough that I could not run for 2 years. That me tell ya, that sucked beyond belief!!!!! And right now as I recover from surgery I am fighting the urge everyday to go run. I miss it a lot. The struggle is a constant for me but I have to remember that each time I do it the right way I will be rewarded with success. I wish you the best of luck and know that I am on your side!!!! You can do this. Just believe!

  3. Martin. Pooh. I CAN say I have never had to learn the hard way when to take a rest. Fortunately I am pretty in tune with my body, and know when to stop the insanity. I did take two years to figure out that although I love the hard work & training that goes into a half Ironman I absolutely love doing Olympic distance races.
    It is hard to be in the triathlon world that we are and not compare ourselves to the 1) super skinny 2) super traveled 3) super wealthy people plus super intense people that we are surrounded by.
    Trust yourself, listen to your body, and think about the excitement and jitters of your first triathlon every time you get in the water. What a blast we get to have!
    You have inspired me to write friend! For that I am thankful.

    • And then… you hit me hard 😦 Now I know why you don’t marry me – you are!!! Already!

      N/k – hmm the first Triathlon was a not so cool experience… I still remember the headache after swimming. But a lot of things to think about – so true.

  4. Martin my friend …

    Alas … life throws us curve balls we do not wish to catch. I do understand how you feel. I had to give up my race because of a hurt neck that lead to hurt back and so on, and so on. Sometimes we get the lumps, but we will rise again.

    I know this is frustrating, maddeningly so. GOOD Job getting the best help possible, this way you KNOW what you need to do, and are being guided by someone who appreciates your love to train.

    You are right your desire to push is a good thing–this is just a new area to push in–recovery.
    Be the best recoverer there is. πŸ˜€

  5. Hey Martin,

    How are you doing, hope you’re alright?
    That sounds tough, and I’m sure the diagnose wasn’t easy to “swallow”, But I’m glad your doctor got through to you and that you are (hopefully) taking time to rest. I can only imagine how frustating this must be for you, but be sure this is just another bump on the road you will soon overcome! Sending you some pain alleviating vibes πŸ™‚

    LG, Cardio Girl

  6. Ok Mr. Martin,
    You have been away too long and I am wondering how you are healing. I am also wondering how well you have been following the Doc’s advice. Spill the beans man. Curious minds wanna know.

    Your friend,

  7. Martin,

    alles klar bei dir?

    Melde dich wenigstens per Mail.. Mache mir Sorgen!!


  8. Martin my dear … where have you been? Don’t make me come get you!

  9. Well it is a journey and right now I am … struggling. Struggling with myself, my goals,… The pain only slowly fades, which is somehow frustrating. Then again knowing it is gone soon is a thought I like.

    Of course I am still making sports, but swimming for the most part. Some spinning and now trying to come down. It is true: motivation to perform is not on a high right now.

    • Martin,

      Thanks for letting us know. You need to get back to blogging all these struggles and problems — they will help other people to believe they have a chance when they see how well you recover and restore balance to your body and continue in your training. πŸ™‚

      I know I am being bossy, but you know I am right. πŸ™‚

      Your Friend,

  10. Thank you all for the inquiries and the positive thoughts.

  11. Martin…

    I’m going to have to send out a search party soon if we don’t get a full update. And that’s going to be *very* difficult considering we’re on different continents and my contacts in Germany recently relocated to Georgia (the state in the USA, not the country).

    I’m with Shonnie… you have to blog through the frustration. If you don’t, we can’t encourage from afar. And encourage we will! We want to see you succeed with all of your goals. And we all know that you will. You’re my inspiration when I’m feeling frustrated. You and Shonnie and a couple of others. So get your fingers flexed and warm up those muscles before they atrophy! Get typin’…

    In all seriousness, even if it’s small baby steps, I hope you’re beginning to see improvement with the pain and with alterations in your training to prevent this from happening again.


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