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The cold and swimming – what a wannabee ironman is made of…

freestyle training sessionYesterday a swim session was scheduled. Then again it is dead cold outside at approximately -10°C. Anyway I am still determined to do it the way I am used to: packed in warm clothes, on my bike and off to the bath.

Once in the pool I somehow had issues to understand today’s training plan. So I did not think too much but tried to just do it…

Leg training with kickboard and then 800m at once in a row at 75% – what is Coach Ralf smoking? Ok, we try… And? It worked. 1 minute rest and another 400m at 80%… He must be smoking good stuff. And? I could. 100m after 1 minute rest at 85%. *grumble* okokok giving it a shot. It worked.

Actually I don’t know, why I could or how it is done. I was sure to be unable to swim 800m in a row after my rest. Yet it worked and it felt good. Thank you Coach for a cool training session.

Only later I realized I misread the plan and that I was not meant to do those 800m or 400m at all in a short session. Anyways, I could and I feel good – really good.

Let’s have a look at the things to come.

It was for later in the dressrooms, where a Triathlete, who was also in the pool, passed me and noted (looking at my biking clothes): “You are not seriously biking home?”. I replied: “Sure thing I do. You don’t?”. “No way in hell I would at this cold!” he answered. “Coward!” I replied. And he just said: “I am gladly a coward and openly admit it considering the cold outside…”.

I smiled.

(And I felt cold on my way home.)



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