The cold and swimming – what a wannabee ironman is made of…

freestyle training sessionYesterday a swim session was scheduled. Then again it is dead cold outside at approximately -10°C. Anyway I am still determined to do it the way I am used to: packed in warm clothes, on my bike and off to the bath.

Once in the pool I somehow had issues to understand today’s training plan. So I did not think too much but tried to just do it…

Leg training with kickboard and then 800m at once in a row at 75% – what is Coach Ralf smoking? Ok, we try… And? It worked. 1 minute rest and another 400m at 80%… He must be smoking good stuff. And? I could. 100m after 1 minute rest at 85%. *grumble* okokok giving it a shot. It worked.

Actually I don’t know, why I could or how it is done. I was sure to be unable to swim 800m in a row after my rest. Yet it worked and it felt good. Thank you Coach for a cool training session.

Only later I realized I misread the plan and that I was not meant to do those 800m or 400m at all in a short session. Anyways, I could and I feel good – really good.

Let’s have a look at the things to come.

It was for later in the dressrooms, where a Triathlete, who was also in the pool, passed me and noted (looking at my biking clothes): “You are not seriously biking home?”. I replied: “Sure thing I do. You don’t?”. “No way in hell I would at this cold!” he answered. “Coward!” I replied. And he just said: “I am gladly a coward and openly admit it considering the cold outside…”.

I smiled.

(And I felt cold on my way home.)



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  1. Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten.

    Die Weicheier bleiben im Haus.
    Juuuttt.. da ist aber auch lecker warm!


    Schönes Wochenende!

  2. Digging the sweet new graphics & images on the blog. I am envious of your graphic abilities!

    • Wohoo *blush* To be honest I was always upset that I didn’t work on my stuff. It’s like those shoemakers, who wear the worst shoes…

      Actually am not content at all with the current status, but since its standard site, there is notmuch I can do to improve. As such I was also not too enthusiastic on the header picture. Except for the logo – loved to do it.

      If ya like to here an example of my work:

  3. You are a rock star! I would not have been able to ride in the cold like that so I too am a coward.

    Keep up the great work!

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