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TriAddict at Challenge Roth running – somehow

So yesterday I returned to Hilpoltstein and went right out with 2 friends to a party. Needless to tell I had some sort of hangover in the morning. Back in my room I tried to work and… fell asleep only to awake at dusk.

Good call: so yesterday I was biking 2+ hours and had 30 minutes running today and I? I fell asleep for the running on this cold day…

There are times where you have to make a choice: don’t run and stay in the warmth or go running into the cold night (-18°C as I write this).

I decided to run.

And while running I suddenly realized… *whoops* here is the Challenge Roth channel (swim), transition zone #1 and the bike start. Well…

transition #1 at swim exit

That’s the world’s biggest swim to bike transition zone, well kinda, soon – in a few months – somehow,… at -18°C at moonlight in the night…

Standing on the side of the channel, this is a view at night up towards the bridge atop the swim course over the channel.

bridge atop the swim course

Of course I had to take a peek at the “in the future to be again swim exit”, which looks like this right now:

Challenge Roth swim exit - somehow

If it looks like snow on the ground close to a bottomless pit: then you know what I saw…

Onward through the cold and the snow. And just because you deserve a look, this is what someone might have seen, had that someone passed me with a light:

TriAddict in the cold

The cap is actually black, when it’s not frozen. Also I had to realize that my earphones are not of best quality: the plastic of the cable froze, while I had my jacket open for the photos… Just imagine some earphone cables, which you normally bend easily, yet this time rock-hard like some steel wire.

My plan told me: 30 minutes base endurance running. I made it 1:20 hours base endurance running.

I am content with today.

Ohh and the worst? I still had my issue to stop smoking. Figure I might have solved this one too 😉

Did I tell I am content with today? Should be if I stick to it.


Yours truly


Back to Hilpoltstein

Like already mentioned: a lot changed the past few weeks. this also included my private life. As such I did not expect  to ever return to Hilpoltstein – again. Except for maybe a Triathlon.

Well unexpected things happen and so here I am back again. Truth be told: you gotta love this piece of earth. The land as well as the people. Also to me this place means actually quite a lot. It makes me think about myself, my goals and so much more. Not only in regards to sport, but also in general.

You meet a lot of athletes and somehow breathing the air here makes you want to tune yourself, your body, your thinking – yourself.

It is not a long stay, yet I love being here.



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