Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

TriAddict on swimming – the smoothest freestyle stroke in the world?

Today was swimming and truth be told: for the most part it was a fight against the machine. Everything was wrong from the start, I had a headache before it started, people in the pool smelled after garlic (no kidding), some lady apparently forgot the shower and stunk from some cheap perfume,…

It’s a good bath but tonight there were quite a lot of weirdos in there.

Yet swimming on schedule so what did I do? I went swimming of course.

It was no superb training session and I am glad it is over. Still I am content I did. Back home I prepared the new page on Triathlon tips and tricks and suddenly… Suddenly I stumbled upon this video:

I am still stunned and impressed watching this video.

How do you do?



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