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Time to leave today back home.Yesterday was exhausting: a lot of work and a tough training. Especially the change from the cold outside to the warmth packed with training can be tough – well, actually is tough.

Still some impressions for you from the region, where Challenge Roth is:

Whenever I went for sports or specific units in the fitness studio Positiv I met Tobias Ullmann either in weight training or endurance on the bike.

Tobias Ullmann indoor training

“Tobi” is a former MTB pro (and soon to be again?). Also he is the one, who does everything in regards to my MTB. Feels good to have him take care of my stuff and knowing he does it perfect. Apart from that he prepares for next season, where he wants to win the Bavarian cup again with his team.

Totally different: Gerhard. He is retired, far beyond 60 and you better don’t start a wager on fitness vs. him since it’s most likely that you gonna lose. Where other people of age have their beer in a pub, he is out training. Watch him chin the bar and you are surprised.

Did I mention food? Well, I shall. Anyway yesterday I went for a training session. 1:30 hours base endurance on the bike was due. Since I lack my bike here for now, I switched to a spinning class. Afterwards I added another hour totalling for 2 hours spinning in base endurance. Truth be told, I was way too rough to myself, which made me look like this… (don’ laugh 😉 ).

The white around my mouth are the rests of a Latte Macchiato. Yet coupled with the cold outside, I didn’t feel good in the evening and woke up with a headache. Then again training was cool and so I went for a real breakfast:


Grrrr loved it. Still it is cold outside and so I shot some photos to show you, how one can feel good with those temperatures around, when having breakfast:


Another view:


I had a good time here. Also in training it now feels as if my excess pounds fall off me like water in a shower. Still I am somehow “afraid” of my first Triathlon this season: will I reach my goals finally? How will I fare?

The overall good news I am back into full training, which is just that: good.



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  1. You are back into training and that is awesome. Don’t worry about the results now just enjoy the training and it will all fall in place, times and weight. You can do this Martin!

  2. Now it’s your turn 🙂 So want to see you at your next Triathlon. After all you already had your race in running.

  3. I am so glad you are BACK with us Mr. Martin! 😀

    Sounds like you are having some good training take place even with the cold. I am working on a plan to do my first tri-event. Not a for-real Triathlon, but it has been a dream of mine to do the whole thing; me and Mikey side-by-side. So, I am starting to work towards that end. 😀

    Did I mention that I am glad you are back?
    Take care man!
    Keep pushin’!

    • I am so glad to read your comments again.

      All the time I wondered how you fare and how you are.

      Did I mention that i am glad to read you again?

      Fun aside – I enjoy it too and enjoyed reading about you also.

      Yours truly

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