accidents happen – betrayed by auntie Kate

Yesterday I was out – drinking some, good dinner and so on. So today I didn’t really have the drive to do anything. Yet somehow I decided I have to do something.

What did I do?

I went out for a planned bike ride into the cold. Yet somehow auntie Kate (my tt bike) didn’t like that at all. And so… at the point furthest away from home out in nowhere… I went on my bike at some traffic lights and… auntie Kate’s chain ripped.

Way to tell me: “It is too cold for me out here.” *nods* I understand.

Lucky me no car tried to crash into me and people around were helpful. Of course I am ok, yet it became an issue: how do I get home? Lucky me some postal service package driver picked me up and drove me home.

Now I lack 40 more minutes of my training for today. What will I do? Now off to swimming and then a run.

It’s cold out here.



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    • Falling down, standing up and getting on the side was ok. But then I stood there… ok, how do I get home? 20 minutes by car and I realized for the first time the distances I travel by bike.

      • Until, you had the bike boo boo, you were just having a GREAT ride. 😀 That makes me think of when we go miles on the bike trail … that could be one long ass wait for one of us to get back or even close with a car! DANG!

        Now, you will have me thinking about back up chains! hahaha

      • Not really – there are single chain connectors you can use. Just pick one. I will also get one…

  1. Awe … what a mean Auntie Kate! How dare she do that. I am so glad you didn’t get hurt! 🙂

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