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TriAddict about warmth, cold and flat tyres everywhere…

Today in the morning I still felt my muscles aching from yesterday’s core stabilization training. As such my drive to go for my planned ride today was at a low. Still there is no being mistaken: 2 hours can’t be started 1 hour before nightfall. So I prepared after lunch. To make it more interesting I looked for a predefined route at http://www.gpsies.com just to make sure I learn about new tours closeby. Fully prepared I went off and it was… a harsh beginning. Uphill, more uphill and… even more uphill. The roads still wet, my shoes soaked wet through my neoprene shoe covers and… this time I dressed differently and so my bum and anything on the saddle started to hurt, almost burning.

Still uphill coupled with that searing pain I lost all interest in going on. Still I went on. I almost could not sit on the saddle anymore – onward through the pain. I don’t know how often I wanted to turn around and return home – on I went. Passing Usingen I decided to stop and “rearrange” my clothes and suddenly, all felt good. No more uphill, but instead straight ahead or downward with no more pain. The sun came out and suddenly,… suddenly life felt grand. I started to look around and wondered how this area will look like in spring or summer:

looking forwardI looked straight ahead and shot another photo…

Looking backward it looked like this – just imagine all green and blooming.

I was almost past the rolling hills called “Taunus” and just a few meters away to enter the open. Looking behind me I saw my bike.

So I climbed on my bike and onward into the open, when suddenly it became cold, frozen rain on my skin and without my scarf I started to feel cold *brrrrrr*. Stay focused I told myself and off we go. If not… there was the carnival, which forced me on an Odyssey through badly arranged redirections to avoid the carnival. Bet you can imagine how I cursed in the cold forced to guess where they wanted me to drive to get through that small village.

Finally after passing some…. weirdos, who wanted me to stop since my bike lacks a bell (somehow I managed to stay calm, since race bikes don’t need to),… finally I got out of the home of weirdos until I passed another man and his bike on the side. He had a flat tyre, yet I went on. Only to realize I am not allowed to drive on, forcing me to return. With no idea left on how to find my way  home I met the biker again and asked him for the way.

“No need to help me fix my tyre. Someone is on to pick me up home.” He explained to me an alternate way home (I should have shot a photo I know!!) and off we go – auntie Kate and I. Cold, soaked wet my mood approached another low until the sun came out and it suddenly felt warm. Just 20 minutes away the air felt like spring and the sun warmed me.

Life was grand and happily I went home, realizing the night was soon to come and it slowly became colder. Pedalling I heard a weird noise of my tyre on the road… Just about a mile from home I had a flat tyre. I didn’t know that flat tyres are a disease one can pick up from another biker. Yet here I stood on my bike shoes, unable to walk home on those with a flat tyre and with zero aka nadá interest to fix my tyre myself.

Called my neighbour, who was away and couldn’t help me so I plain called  a taxi to bring me home.

A 2 hour ride was planned, 2:43 it was until I had a flat tyre. Still life is grand. And auntie Kate? I believe she wants to be kicked for her stubbornness:

By now it’s after midnight, I am rested, had dinner and I feel grand except for my muscles aching from yesterday’s core stabilization training.

Still life is grand – I love what I do – just do it!

What do you do?



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