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swim like you are going to drown

Today some power swimming was due, so I grabbed my paddles and pullboy and off I went to the bath. My paddles are actually considered huge and people in training tend to make fun like “I am just watching you to make sure you don’t hit me with those.”

Schwimmen - Paddles

Driving to the bath was annoying since my mountain bike makes noises while driving. I confess I should have cleaned it after the last cross tour:

Yet I arrived and off I went for my swim.

I didn’t swim much but only with paddles – after all it’s a power session. Leaving the pool my shoulders felt like on fire and for the first time in a year my wrist bands felt too tight around my wrists. Actually so much blood pumped through my veins that my first guess was: I have swollen arms. Minutes later it felt ok again and downstairs I prepared to close my biking clothes, preparing for my cold ride through the night.

But I were not me if… well day of confession… I felt an urge to make me feel good and that piece of cake looked just fitting and so…

I ordered it and off with my “loot” – back home…

Hopefully I can soon again lift my arms easily – still feel empty and exhausted.



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