TriAddict on pre-race examination…

It happened: I went out for my run. So I went on and… as promised had a look at Challenge Roth swim exit…

Ok, maybe too cold for Challenge right now… then again here we have the bike transition zone:

So on I ran towards the area of Rothsee Triathlon Festival. Rothsee is still covered with thin ice – almost looks like my cold experience on the sprint race last year.

Looking straight forward I look at the bike transition of the Olympic distance race and along the run course:

Returning back to Hilpoltstein I had some interesting talks, met Coach Ralf and his wife afterwards and had a chat with Claudi in the “Zwinger” – if you ever come to Challenge Roth: go there for dinner, have a beer and tell her, where you learnt about her.

And for the Americans looking for medieval flair:

Or some seats for guests:

After all I had nothing to eat today and so I made sure to leave fully sated. Anyway my training today hurt me, but I am happy I finished it nonetheless. What a grand day.



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  1. Congrats on your run! Wow, that looks like a great place to hang out after a workout. I think I need to come back to Germany for a visit!

  2. The swim exit looks a lot better than mid January when I was there. I also took pictures and posted them online.

    Take care


  3. Hi Matthias,

    we will see – I don’t have a confirmed seat in a relay yet. So in worst case I can only cheer 😉


  4. Bist Du unter getaucht? Oder verletzt? Hier wurde ja schon länger nichts gepostet… muss der neugierige Leser (oder die Leserin) sich Sorgen machen?
    Viele Grüße!

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