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TriAddict: Ouch!

Things happen… After the MTB tour 3 days ago I had a pain in my lower back. A pain, which didn’t leave me except… when I went swimming on Wednesday. Right into the pool and the pain was suddenly gone. Right after swimming it returned. By now I can’t sit straight anymore.

Even worse I have a running session for today. Let’s see what my doctor tells me.

Yet I will do the running, even if it means to crawl the distance. 🙂

This annoys the hell out of me.



Enjoying the Mountain bike tour

It’s no longer that cold, still we had it snowing today. So I chose my Mountain bike for my planned bike ride. I decided to find my own Mountain bike trails and so set off to discover some. I was “lucky”..

What I didn’t count on: part of those trails were quite difficult – over some slippery wooden roots, always at risk to fall downhill into the water. Yet I got through safely. Still some of the harder parts made me realize how much work cross courses are (not the trail you see here, this one was more like a paved road than a trail). I realized how much the harder parts shook my body and how much work it was especially in my arms and back.

Later on it happened: I got lost! No kidding! I wanted to slowly return, the night approached and I wanted back along the river. Along a trail, which suddenly ended in a huge field with extremely difficult terrain. No city light could be seen, no houses, nothing. So I pushed on, only to realize that I was in a huge curve around the field with no way out.

On I went in a bee line through the field and felt my back and arms being exhausted and shaken by the difficult terrain. In the end I got home but… running was not an option. In fact I am happy if I can walk straight again soon since my back is just that: exhausted, no power left.

A 2 hour ride but it was cool and enjoyable. Off to my next endeavors.



TriAddict – just a short note

Most importantly: auntie Kate is up again 😀

Yesterday some swimming was due – still I took the time to use the bus to the bike shop to have auntie Kate repaired and off to the swim. Again with paddles and only 1.4 km. Today – the day after – no itch and no pain in my rotator cuff. It is safe to tell that my shoulder is up to par again with swim training. I aim to increase swim training distances over the next few weeks to 2.5km each session to 4+km in the end.

I want to know how far I can get in swimming and feel a lot more comfortable with my technique and my power in my stroke. Consider this: I started as the worst freestyle swimmer around here (in regards to speed) and by now am already average. I want to push that further.

For Rothsee Olympic I am still somehow in panic – will I achieve my goal? Luckily my pounds drop even faster now – almost a kg (~2lbs.) a day. All that only by sports, while eating normal and healthy. Nonetheless I intend to have a present for myself in case I can do it: buying me my dream TT bike (incl. a disc wheel) from Fritz Buchstaller in Hilpoltstein as well as a normal road bike – Fritz already has an idea on which bike he considers fitting for me.

Looking forward for the days to come until Rothsee Triathlon. Damn I want to finish the “fat” part in fatsmoker2ironman already.



accidents happen – betrayed by auntie Kate

Yesterday I was out – drinking some, good dinner and so on. So today I didn’t really have the drive to do anything. Yet somehow I decided I have to do something.

What did I do?

I went out for a planned bike ride into the cold. Yet somehow auntie Kate (my tt bike) didn’t like that at all. And so… at the point furthest away from home out in nowhere… I went on my bike at some traffic lights and… auntie Kate’s chain ripped.

Way to tell me: “It is too cold for me out here.” *nods* I understand.

Lucky me no car tried to crash into me and people around were helpful. Of course I am ok, yet it became an issue: how do I get home? Lucky me some postal service package driver picked me up and drove me home.

Now I lack 40 more minutes of my training for today. What will I do? Now off to swimming and then a run.

It’s cold out here.



TriAddict about Hilpoltstein

Time to leave today back home.Yesterday was exhausting: a lot of work and a tough training. Especially the change from the cold outside to the warmth packed with training can be tough – well, actually is tough.

Still some impressions for you from the region, where Challenge Roth is:

Whenever I went for sports or specific units in the fitness studio Positiv I met Tobias Ullmann either in weight training or endurance on the bike.

Tobias Ullmann indoor training

“Tobi” is a former MTB pro (and soon to be again?). Also he is the one, who does everything in regards to my MTB. Feels good to have him take care of my stuff and knowing he does it perfect. Apart from that he prepares for next season, where he wants to win the Bavarian cup again with his team.

Totally different: Gerhard. He is retired, far beyond 60 and you better don’t start a wager on fitness vs. him since it’s most likely that you gonna lose. Where other people of age have their beer in a pub, he is out training. Watch him chin the bar and you are surprised.

Did I mention food? Well, I shall. Anyway yesterday I went for a training session. 1:30 hours base endurance on the bike was due. Since I lack my bike here for now, I switched to a spinning class. Afterwards I added another hour totalling for 2 hours spinning in base endurance. Truth be told, I was way too rough to myself, which made me look like this… (don’ laugh 😉 ).

The white around my mouth are the rests of a Latte Macchiato. Yet coupled with the cold outside, I didn’t feel good in the evening and woke up with a headache. Then again training was cool and so I went for a real breakfast:


Grrrr loved it. Still it is cold outside and so I shot some photos to show you, how one can feel good with those temperatures around, when having breakfast:


Another view:


I had a good time here. Also in training it now feels as if my excess pounds fall off me like water in a shower. Still I am somehow “afraid” of my first Triathlon this season: will I reach my goals finally? How will I fare?

The overall good news I am back into full training, which is just that: good.



TriAddict on swimming – the smoothest freestyle stroke in the world?

Today was swimming and truth be told: for the most part it was a fight against the machine. Everything was wrong from the start, I had a headache before it started, people in the pool smelled after garlic (no kidding), some lady apparently forgot the shower and stunk from some cheap perfume,…

It’s a good bath but tonight there were quite a lot of weirdos in there.

Yet swimming on schedule so what did I do? I went swimming of course.

It was no superb training session and I am glad it is over. Still I am content I did. Back home I prepared the new page on Triathlon tips and tricks and suddenly… Suddenly I stumbled upon this video:

I am still stunned and impressed watching this video.

How do you do?



TriAddict at Challenge Roth running – somehow

So yesterday I returned to Hilpoltstein and went right out with 2 friends to a party. Needless to tell I had some sort of hangover in the morning. Back in my room I tried to work and… fell asleep only to awake at dusk.

Good call: so yesterday I was biking 2+ hours and had 30 minutes running today and I? I fell asleep for the running on this cold day…

There are times where you have to make a choice: don’t run and stay in the warmth or go running into the cold night (-18°C as I write this).

I decided to run.

And while running I suddenly realized… *whoops* here is the Challenge Roth channel (swim), transition zone #1 and the bike start. Well…

transition #1 at swim exit

That’s the world’s biggest swim to bike transition zone, well kinda, soon – in a few months – somehow,… at -18°C at moonlight in the night…

Standing on the side of the channel, this is a view at night up towards the bridge atop the swim course over the channel.

bridge atop the swim course

Of course I had to take a peek at the “in the future to be again swim exit”, which looks like this right now:

Challenge Roth swim exit - somehow

If it looks like snow on the ground close to a bottomless pit: then you know what I saw…

Onward through the cold and the snow. And just because you deserve a look, this is what someone might have seen, had that someone passed me with a light:

TriAddict in the cold

The cap is actually black, when it’s not frozen. Also I had to realize that my earphones are not of best quality: the plastic of the cable froze, while I had my jacket open for the photos… Just imagine some earphone cables, which you normally bend easily, yet this time rock-hard like some steel wire.

My plan told me: 30 minutes base endurance running. I made it 1:20 hours base endurance running.

I am content with today.

Ohh and the worst? I still had my issue to stop smoking. Figure I might have solved this one too 😉

Did I tell I am content with today? Should be if I stick to it.


Yours truly


Back to Hilpoltstein

Like already mentioned: a lot changed the past few weeks. this also included my private life. As such I did not expect  to ever return to Hilpoltstein – again. Except for maybe a Triathlon.

Well unexpected things happen and so here I am back again. Truth be told: you gotta love this piece of earth. The land as well as the people. Also to me this place means actually quite a lot. It makes me think about myself, my goals and so much more. Not only in regards to sport, but also in general.

You meet a lot of athletes and somehow breathing the air here makes you want to tune yourself, your body, your thinking – yourself.

It is not a long stay, yet I love being here.



The cold and swimming – what a wannabee ironman is made of…

freestyle training sessionYesterday a swim session was scheduled. Then again it is dead cold outside at approximately -10°C. Anyway I am still determined to do it the way I am used to: packed in warm clothes, on my bike and off to the bath.

Once in the pool I somehow had issues to understand today’s training plan. So I did not think too much but tried to just do it…

Leg training with kickboard and then 800m at once in a row at 75% – what is Coach Ralf smoking? Ok, we try… And? It worked. 1 minute rest and another 400m at 80%… He must be smoking good stuff. And? I could. 100m after 1 minute rest at 85%. *grumble* okokok giving it a shot. It worked.

Actually I don’t know, why I could or how it is done. I was sure to be unable to swim 800m in a row after my rest. Yet it worked and it felt good. Thank you Coach for a cool training session.

Only later I realized I misread the plan and that I was not meant to do those 800m or 400m at all in a short session. Anyways, I could and I feel good – really good.

Let’s have a look at the things to come.

It was for later in the dressrooms, where a Triathlete, who was also in the pool, passed me and noted (looking at my biking clothes): “You are not seriously biking home?”. I replied: “Sure thing I do. You don’t?”. “No way in hell I would at this cold!” he answered. “Coward!” I replied. And he just said: “I am gladly a coward and openly admit it considering the cold outside…”.

I smiled.

(And I felt cold on my way home.)



It’s that >< cold! No! It's worse…

Preparing for a bike ride at -10°CToday was a ride on my bike scheduled. Well it’s cold outside, but as we all know: nothing stops a TriAddict. So I prepared… Don’t be fooled by the look in my eyes: it’s not despair but dedication, sheer dedication…

So off we go for a ride on auntie Kate – 1:30 hours away from dusk. A smooth start and overall today’s goal is base endurance. Right uphill at the start and I feel pretty warm. But then comes the even part – straight forward and… the wind. A cold wind from the front and from the side cutting like scissors over the skin of my face. My feet becoming cold until… until I can’t feel my toes anymore.

Onward, forward through the cold. After half the ride I realize that I even forgot my water bottle – this might become ugly… Onward through the cold – a good ride, were it not for my feet and especially my toes, which I didn’t feel at all (yes I had warm socks and neoprene bike shoe cover – figure those saved me from the worst).

Yet I remember the song I listened to, when I stopped feeling my toes (how fitting the song’s text… And please ignore the model in the vid…).

Yes I arrived at home, safely but the surprise was yet to come:

At once I warmed up and my legs and feet hurt due to the sudden warmth all around me. My legs almost feeling as if on flames. And then, then my toes warmed up. Imagine a thousand needles piercing your toes at once for 10 minutes and you feel each single needle simultaneously. That’s about how I felt.

And I?

I smiled, knowing it was good.

After the cold bike ride

Did I enjoy? Yes!

Will I do again? You bet!


Yours truly


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