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1-2-3 …

Yesterday evening somehow the past few weeks of training hit me. Totally exhausted meaning almost unable to move I still went for my daily run and finished well. On the bright side I feel more fit than ever.

For now I am curious how the next few weeks will abide – until my first Triathlon. Will I achieve my goals?

Close call.



The sun is shining

It is warm outside. Sitting on the balcony, the sun burns my face. What a grand feeling: winter is now hopefully gone.


The past few weeks I lost my drive to post here. In business and private a lot changed. Soon I am going to be married – YIKES (even me!) and I am self-employed again. Still it is worthless without fitness…


The past few weeks I had some longer runs. Actually I prefer to run at dawn or night and so the city looks a whole lot different. And sometimes – sometimes I have to shoot a picture, even though I didn’t have the drive to post, I still shot those for the blog.

Quelle Bad Homburg

Located in Bad Homburg is a natural fountain, which has been used for a long time. Later on through the park you arrive here…

Kurbark Bad Homburg

That run was exhausting but also fulfilling.


Much later I went on a trip to Milano with my fiance. Somehow I didn’t pack my running shoes and so all that was left was to explore the city day and night and… to go swimming.

Dome in Madrid
Milano was a grand experience, yet swimming im Milano was… an Italian experience. But judge yourself:

So I went to the public bath (I refrain to write about the overall oddities of the bath itself). Once in the pool swimming was well for me, actually I was the fastest swimmer on day 1.

That was not good.

So I was doing some long distance swim on my lane, yet the person in breast stroke I was about to pass didn’t like this. So that one tried to swim faster and kicked to all sides, while I tried to pass.

I couldn’t pass after being kicked twice.

At the end of the lane he immediately swam off in freestyle sprint. Well ok, exactly my speed. Suddenly I couldn’t see any more bubbles in front of me and didn’t see him at the end of the lane. Instead he was on his way back. WTF? That fast or was I that slow?

Again he was swimming breast stroke, again kicking. Again I couldn’t pass him.

At the end of the next lane he was waiting with red head, breathing heavily, apparently about to die, but letting me pass with a smile…

Turns out he cut the previous lane first, just to make sure he stays in front of me.

Italian $%/§&%%& – nuff said.

Back home

Then again swimming regularly helps. Since I returned from Milano I also added daily running in low pulse at dusk and at dawn apart from my regular training plan by Coach Ralf. To make sure I wont be injured like last year, I am massaged almost daily. So I am sure to have no hard, cramped or inflamed muscles at all. Even heavy training only leave me dizzy in worst case, but no more pain.

By now I have the chance to participate in London Triathlon, yet I need to enter by a charity WWF in my case.

Seriously would you donate, so I can participate in London? If some support it, I will.

Yet during all that time there was more.

German duathlon masters

We went there. First to give my fiance an impression of the atmosphere, second since I supported them I felt the need to be there on the day.

Duathlon Oberursel
The season to come

To face the truth I could have trained more till now, then again I feel happy and good besides the still existing excess kilos. If everything is as expected, I might start my first Triathlon this year in normal weight. The second maybe already in ideal weight.


Of course you are right: How do I plan to achieve that target weight? Fair enough I finally changed my eating habits. A normal breakfast, a good and rich lunch and that’s it. Every day. On anything else running at dusk and dawn as well as my normal training plan.

4-5 kg a week works for me right now 🙂

And this way I leave you until my next post with the song I enjoy to listen while running

Yours truly


TriAddict on pre-race examination…

It happened: I went out for my run. So I went on and… as promised had a look at Challenge Roth swim exit…

Ok, maybe too cold for Challenge right now… then again here we have the bike transition zone:

So on I ran towards the area of Rothsee Triathlon Festival. Rothsee is still covered with thin ice – almost looks like my cold experience on the sprint race last year.

Looking straight forward I look at the bike transition of the Olympic distance race and along the run course:

Returning back to Hilpoltstein I had some interesting talks, met Coach Ralf and his wife afterwards and had a chat with Claudi in the “Zwinger” – if you ever come to Challenge Roth: go there for dinner, have a beer and tell her, where you learnt about her.

And for the Americans looking for medieval flair:

Or some seats for guests:

After all I had nothing to eat today and so I made sure to leave fully sated. Anyway my training today hurt me, but I am happy I finished it nonetheless. What a grand day.



TriAddict: training hurts with bad times ahead?

For some days I am back to Hilpoltstein. Due too that I switched my bike workouts to spinning, since I no longer have a bike around here. Yet…

It all started yesterday evening – preparing some Pasta for a friend and me:

It tasted good and in the end I also had an Aperol sour, went back to the Pension, where I sleep and… had a hard time to wake up at 10:00 am, which is way too late for me. Don’t ask me why – seems I needed the sleep.

Off I went to the fitness studio for some spinning classes – this time with  a friend as instructor:

This time training was a horror to me: It was extremely difficult to raise my pulse above 120 bpm and even more beyond 130 bpm. Sweat on my shoulders, my muscles burning, I take some water, see my pulse watch and while still spinning – 105 bpm. OMG, increase speed, stand up, everything hurts, my stomach turns and… 110 bpm, where 120-134 bpm is my target range.

No matter how much  I did, it was almost impossible to get my pulse above 120 bpm and once I sat down on the bike (still pedalling) my pulse dropped like a brick below 110 bpm.

By times it felt as if I am close to faint – still I was determined to finish this one nonetheless. I know for sure it was not due to the instructor, maybe the Aperol sour? Maybe just not feeling ok? No clue but I just felt like thrown into the corner, unable to get up.

Now some Latte Macchiato’s later I am feeling better and think about going for a run. Yet I had nothing to eat so far (afternoon). Yet I also don’t feel like getting something to eat.

This is a weird day. Somehow, somehow I believe it is also an effect of Coach Ralf’s training, which was explicitly aimed at making me have a greater power output at lower pulse rates.

This gonna be interesting – let’s see, if I go for a run – I might shoot a current picture of Challenge Roth transition zone #1 and maybe also of Rothsee Triathlon festival transition zone.

Yours truly


TriAddict about warmth, cold and flat tyres everywhere…

Today in the morning I still felt my muscles aching from yesterday’s core stabilization training. As such my drive to go for my planned ride today was at a low. Still there is no being mistaken: 2 hours can’t be started 1 hour before nightfall. So I prepared after lunch. To make it more interesting I looked for a predefined route at just to make sure I learn about new tours closeby. Fully prepared I went off and it was… a harsh beginning. Uphill, more uphill and… even more uphill. The roads still wet, my shoes soaked wet through my neoprene shoe covers and… this time I dressed differently and so my bum and anything on the saddle started to hurt, almost burning.

Still uphill coupled with that searing pain I lost all interest in going on. Still I went on. I almost could not sit on the saddle anymore – onward through the pain. I don’t know how often I wanted to turn around and return home – on I went. Passing Usingen I decided to stop and “rearrange” my clothes and suddenly, all felt good. No more uphill, but instead straight ahead or downward with no more pain. The sun came out and suddenly,… suddenly life felt grand. I started to look around and wondered how this area will look like in spring or summer:

looking forwardI looked straight ahead and shot another photo…

Looking backward it looked like this – just imagine all green and blooming.

I was almost past the rolling hills called “Taunus” and just a few meters away to enter the open. Looking behind me I saw my bike.

So I climbed on my bike and onward into the open, when suddenly it became cold, frozen rain on my skin and without my scarf I started to feel cold *brrrrrr*. Stay focused I told myself and off we go. If not… there was the carnival, which forced me on an Odyssey through badly arranged redirections to avoid the carnival. Bet you can imagine how I cursed in the cold forced to guess where they wanted me to drive to get through that small village.

Finally after passing some…. weirdos, who wanted me to stop since my bike lacks a bell (somehow I managed to stay calm, since race bikes don’t need to),… finally I got out of the home of weirdos until I passed another man and his bike on the side. He had a flat tyre, yet I went on. Only to realize I am not allowed to drive on, forcing me to return. With no idea left on how to find my way  home I met the biker again and asked him for the way.

“No need to help me fix my tyre. Someone is on to pick me up home.” He explained to me an alternate way home (I should have shot a photo I know!!) and off we go – auntie Kate and I. Cold, soaked wet my mood approached another low until the sun came out and it suddenly felt warm. Just 20 minutes away the air felt like spring and the sun warmed me.

Life was grand and happily I went home, realizing the night was soon to come and it slowly became colder. Pedalling I heard a weird noise of my tyre on the road… Just about a mile from home I had a flat tyre. I didn’t know that flat tyres are a disease one can pick up from another biker. Yet here I stood on my bike shoes, unable to walk home on those with a flat tyre and with zero aka nadá interest to fix my tyre myself.

Called my neighbour, who was away and couldn’t help me so I plain called  a taxi to bring me home.

A 2 hour ride was planned, 2:43 it was until I had a flat tyre. Still life is grand. And auntie Kate? I believe she wants to be kicked for her stubbornness:

By now it’s after midnight, I am rested, had dinner and I feel grand except for my muscles aching from yesterday’s core stabilization training.

Still life is grand – I love what I do – just do it!

What do you do?



Enjoying the Mountain bike tour

It’s no longer that cold, still we had it snowing today. So I chose my Mountain bike for my planned bike ride. I decided to find my own Mountain bike trails and so set off to discover some. I was “lucky”..

What I didn’t count on: part of those trails were quite difficult – over some slippery wooden roots, always at risk to fall downhill into the water. Yet I got through safely. Still some of the harder parts made me realize how much work cross courses are (not the trail you see here, this one was more like a paved road than a trail). I realized how much the harder parts shook my body and how much work it was especially in my arms and back.

Later on it happened: I got lost! No kidding! I wanted to slowly return, the night approached and I wanted back along the river. Along a trail, which suddenly ended in a huge field with extremely difficult terrain. No city light could be seen, no houses, nothing. So I pushed on, only to realize that I was in a huge curve around the field with no way out.

On I went in a bee line through the field and felt my back and arms being exhausted and shaken by the difficult terrain. In the end I got home but… running was not an option. In fact I am happy if I can walk straight again soon since my back is just that: exhausted, no power left.

A 2 hour ride but it was cool and enjoyable. Off to my next endeavors.



accidents happen – betrayed by auntie Kate

Yesterday I was out – drinking some, good dinner and so on. So today I didn’t really have the drive to do anything. Yet somehow I decided I have to do something.

What did I do?

I went out for a planned bike ride into the cold. Yet somehow auntie Kate (my tt bike) didn’t like that at all. And so… at the point furthest away from home out in nowhere… I went on my bike at some traffic lights and… auntie Kate’s chain ripped.

Way to tell me: “It is too cold for me out here.” *nods* I understand.

Lucky me no car tried to crash into me and people around were helpful. Of course I am ok, yet it became an issue: how do I get home? Lucky me some postal service package driver picked me up and drove me home.

Now I lack 40 more minutes of my training for today. What will I do? Now off to swimming and then a run.

It’s cold out here.



TriAddict about Hilpoltstein

Time to leave today back home.Yesterday was exhausting: a lot of work and a tough training. Especially the change from the cold outside to the warmth packed with training can be tough – well, actually is tough.

Still some impressions for you from the region, where Challenge Roth is:

Whenever I went for sports or specific units in the fitness studio Positiv I met Tobias Ullmann either in weight training or endurance on the bike.

Tobias Ullmann indoor training

“Tobi” is a former MTB pro (and soon to be again?). Also he is the one, who does everything in regards to my MTB. Feels good to have him take care of my stuff and knowing he does it perfect. Apart from that he prepares for next season, where he wants to win the Bavarian cup again with his team.

Totally different: Gerhard. He is retired, far beyond 60 and you better don’t start a wager on fitness vs. him since it’s most likely that you gonna lose. Where other people of age have their beer in a pub, he is out training. Watch him chin the bar and you are surprised.

Did I mention food? Well, I shall. Anyway yesterday I went for a training session. 1:30 hours base endurance on the bike was due. Since I lack my bike here for now, I switched to a spinning class. Afterwards I added another hour totalling for 2 hours spinning in base endurance. Truth be told, I was way too rough to myself, which made me look like this… (don’ laugh 😉 ).

The white around my mouth are the rests of a Latte Macchiato. Yet coupled with the cold outside, I didn’t feel good in the evening and woke up with a headache. Then again training was cool and so I went for a real breakfast:


Grrrr loved it. Still it is cold outside and so I shot some photos to show you, how one can feel good with those temperatures around, when having breakfast:


Another view:


I had a good time here. Also in training it now feels as if my excess pounds fall off me like water in a shower. Still I am somehow “afraid” of my first Triathlon this season: will I reach my goals finally? How will I fare?

The overall good news I am back into full training, which is just that: good.



Back to Hilpoltstein

Like already mentioned: a lot changed the past few weeks. this also included my private life. As such I did not expect  to ever return to Hilpoltstein – again. Except for maybe a Triathlon.

Well unexpected things happen and so here I am back again. Truth be told: you gotta love this piece of earth. The land as well as the people. Also to me this place means actually quite a lot. It makes me think about myself, my goals and so much more. Not only in regards to sport, but also in general.

You meet a lot of athletes and somehow breathing the air here makes you want to tune yourself, your body, your thinking – yourself.

It is not a long stay, yet I love being here.



It’s that >< cold! No! It's worse…

Preparing for a bike ride at -10°CToday was a ride on my bike scheduled. Well it’s cold outside, but as we all know: nothing stops a TriAddict. So I prepared… Don’t be fooled by the look in my eyes: it’s not despair but dedication, sheer dedication…

So off we go for a ride on auntie Kate – 1:30 hours away from dusk. A smooth start and overall today’s goal is base endurance. Right uphill at the start and I feel pretty warm. But then comes the even part – straight forward and… the wind. A cold wind from the front and from the side cutting like scissors over the skin of my face. My feet becoming cold until… until I can’t feel my toes anymore.

Onward, forward through the cold. After half the ride I realize that I even forgot my water bottle – this might become ugly… Onward through the cold – a good ride, were it not for my feet and especially my toes, which I didn’t feel at all (yes I had warm socks and neoprene bike shoe cover – figure those saved me from the worst).

Yet I remember the song I listened to, when I stopped feeling my toes (how fitting the song’s text… And please ignore the model in the vid…).

Yes I arrived at home, safely but the surprise was yet to come:

At once I warmed up and my legs and feet hurt due to the sudden warmth all around me. My legs almost feeling as if on flames. And then, then my toes warmed up. Imagine a thousand needles piercing your toes at once for 10 minutes and you feel each single needle simultaneously. That’s about how I felt.

And I?

I smiled, knowing it was good.

After the cold bike ride

Did I enjoy? Yes!

Will I do again? You bet!


Yours truly


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