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TriAddict at Challenge Roth running – somehow

So yesterday I returned to Hilpoltstein and went right out with 2 friends to a party. Needless to tell I had some sort of hangover in the morning. Back in my room I tried to work and… fell asleep only to awake at dusk.

Good call: so yesterday I was biking 2+ hours and had 30 minutes running today and I? I fell asleep for the running on this cold day…

There are times where you have to make a choice: don’t run and stay in the warmth or go running into the cold night (-18°C as I write this).

I decided to run.

And while running I suddenly realized… *whoops* here is the Challenge Roth channel (swim), transition zone #1 and the bike start. Well…

transition #1 at swim exit

That’s the world’s biggest swim to bike transition zone, well kinda, soon – in a few months – somehow,… at -18°C at moonlight in the night…

Standing on the side of the channel, this is a view at night up towards the bridge atop the swim course over the channel.

bridge atop the swim course

Of course I had to take a peek at the “in the future to be again swim exit”, which looks like this right now:

Challenge Roth swim exit - somehow

If it looks like snow on the ground close to a bottomless pit: then you know what I saw…

Onward through the cold and the snow. And just because you deserve a look, this is what someone might have seen, had that someone passed me with a light:

TriAddict in the cold

The cap is actually black, when it’s not frozen. Also I had to realize that my earphones are not of best quality: the plastic of the cable froze, while I had my jacket open for the photos… Just imagine some earphone cables, which you normally bend easily, yet this time rock-hard like some steel wire.

My plan told me: 30 minutes base endurance running. I made it 1:20 hours base endurance running.

I am content with today.

Ohh and the worst? I still had my issue to stop smoking. Figure I might have solved this one too 😉

Did I tell I am content with today? Should be if I stick to it.


Yours truly


fatsmoker running – finally a new PR

There you go. Time ago I posted:

“Dear 6 minutes per kilometer, beware when I am not sick anymore – I gonna crush yo!”

This day finally arrived – today. It took me longer than anticipated and doing so hurt more than I thought. It was one of those BPET training units (look  it up on this blog in case you don’t know BPET 😉 ). Still I did. Considering I am not rested but did it in my third full training week of running… Considering that I am really content. 0:35:50 on 5.98 km is 5:59.53 mins/km. It is far from my goal but nice to finally get below 6 mins/km. Also it was quite a strenuous and hilly running course so I am feeling overall good about it. For today only swimming remains and I am good.

Here I come.



Running …

My training plan for now is about running. Something which is very good since I need to improve running, while running helps me loose more weight easily. All that happens by now. Running slowly is by now always below 7:00 min/km (remember how I fought with myself to run less than 7:00 mins/km?) and weight is dropping still.

Also training wise I learned some important lessons – most important the saying of quality of training also applies to running. And quality of training is exactly what Coach Ralf is pushing for now. Let us see…

Also I am now used to running more and more. My joints feel 100% ok (never had issues with those) only my muscles complain by times. Since I am running a lot it is difficult or more like impossible to know how far I have come now. Therefore I am curious on my first tempo test after some days of relaxing. Let us see if I have such a time soon…

As a summary: I am still alive and kicking, while training daily. How do you fare?



TriAddict: You know you are doomed to …, when …

Today I learned a few lessons:

  1. I know I am doomed to improve running, when my training plan offers me running on 5 days in a row.
  2. I know I am doomed to improve running, when my training plan offers me running on 4 weeks in a row.
  3. I know I am doomed to improve running, when my legs hurt and training plan tells me: tomorrow,… tomorrow we go? Running!
  4. I know I am doomed to improve running, when Coach Ralf tells me: “Don’t whine on tempo runs this months – what will you do next month?”

WTF? What did I get into? I see, I see… I have a vision of a lot of pain for me in the future…

Let’s hope it really improves running.



TriAddict: Marathon training started

So yesterday, actually the day before yesterday already, Marathon training started for me. Marathon training on the training plan looks exhausting. Especially the part of tempo runs aka high pulse running. In times past I already had a name for this kind of training: BPET – borderline puke experience training. Sorry, but still nails it.

one current running shoe pair

one current running shoe pair

Yesterday evening was my first high pulse tempo run.

30 minutes running in 150 – 162 pulse plus warm-up and cool-down. Something I can do quite easily on the bike is… a whole different world for me when running…

So I set off to warm-up, preparing myself, my body and my mind for that run. Slowly I increased intensity in warm-up, then I dropped in some high-speed units and back… setting performance spikes only to slowly cool-down for a few minutes after the warm-up.

Warmed-up I hit my pulse wristwatch and went off. Pulse increased… 140, 145, 148, 150 (!!),… 154 (?!?),…. 153,… 156, 160 (!!!!!!), 156,… Minutes passed and I felt the high pulse and.. a muscle in my upper left leg becoming hard. How bad is that muscle? No excuses I went on and that muscle became a pain. To keep pulse and speed, I started to count steps. Counting steps, while listening to spinning music does it for me to keep running on a high pulse and speed. After 11 minutes I reached my first “checkpoint”. “I am fast!” (compared to my previous times on that course) and so I went on “Will I be able to keep that pulse? Will I be able to keep the pace?” Checking my pulse helps me to realize when my pulse drops low. So I push on and on. 16 minutes – I am far out of my comfort zone. “Is that even possible for me to go on?”. I continue.

The pain in my leg is omnipresent now. It is a different pain. A pain I did not feel before – ever. I decided it is a cramp. So I went on. “Control my breath! Control my breath! I can do this!”. 22 minutes passed – obviously I could keep up and go on. This time is good and will become a new PR if I keep going.

“I must stop, I can not anymore…” – “No PR if you stop now!” – damn, I go on. And I run on. Normally I get to this corner at 33 minutes, when I am running fast. We are below 30 minutes right now. “Damn, only 800 meters. You must do this – no PR if you don’t!”. I could not stick to the pace completely, but I could go on. This is the last part: it is all uphill except the last 100m. The first few meters uphill hurt, but suddenly I could go on. Apparently no pain and go on and on… The last 200 meter I could push even higher.

“Finish! I got it!”

No breath, far outside my comfort zone, body hurts but… a nice emotion of victory transcends my body, my mind,… and I am: happy just happy. Happy for being there.

No, this is not an Asics ad – the shoes on the left are those who did it with me…

assortment of fatsmoker's series of running shoes

assortment of fatsmoker's series of running shoes



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