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The sun is shining

It is warm outside. Sitting on the balcony, the sun burns my face. What a grand feeling: winter is now hopefully gone.


The past few weeks I lost my drive to post here. In business and private a lot changed. Soon I am going to be married – YIKES (even me!) and I am self-employed again. Still it is worthless without fitness…


The past few weeks I had some longer runs. Actually I prefer to run at dawn or night and so the city looks a whole lot different. And sometimes – sometimes I have to shoot a picture, even though I didn’t have the drive to post, I still shot those for the blog.

Quelle Bad Homburg

Located in Bad Homburg is a natural fountain, which has been used for a long time. Later on through the park you arrive here…

Kurbark Bad Homburg

That run was exhausting but also fulfilling.


Much later I went on a trip to Milano with my fiance. Somehow I didn’t pack my running shoes and so all that was left was to explore the city day and night and… to go swimming.

Dome in Madrid
Milano was a grand experience, yet swimming im Milano was… an Italian experience. But judge yourself:

So I went to the public bath (I refrain to write about the overall oddities of the bath itself). Once in the pool swimming was well for me, actually I was the fastest swimmer on day 1.

That was not good.

So I was doing some long distance swim on my lane, yet the person in breast stroke I was about to pass didn’t like this. So that one tried to swim faster and kicked to all sides, while I tried to pass.

I couldn’t pass after being kicked twice.

At the end of the lane he immediately swam off in freestyle sprint. Well ok, exactly my speed. Suddenly I couldn’t see any more bubbles in front of me and didn’t see him at the end of the lane. Instead he was on his way back. WTF? That fast or was I that slow?

Again he was swimming breast stroke, again kicking. Again I couldn’t pass him.

At the end of the next lane he was waiting with red head, breathing heavily, apparently about to die, but letting me pass with a smile…

Turns out he cut the previous lane first, just to make sure he stays in front of me.

Italian $%/§&%%& – nuff said.

Back home

Then again swimming regularly helps. Since I returned from Milano I also added daily running in low pulse at dusk and at dawn apart from my regular training plan by Coach Ralf. To make sure I wont be injured like last year, I am massaged almost daily. So I am sure to have no hard, cramped or inflamed muscles at all. Even heavy training only leave me dizzy in worst case, but no more pain.

By now I have the chance to participate in London Triathlon, yet I need to enter by a charity WWF in my case.

Seriously would you donate, so I can participate in London? If some support it, I will.

Yet during all that time there was more.

German duathlon masters

We went there. First to give my fiance an impression of the atmosphere, second since I supported them I felt the need to be there on the day.

Duathlon Oberursel
The season to come

To face the truth I could have trained more till now, then again I feel happy and good besides the still existing excess kilos. If everything is as expected, I might start my first Triathlon this year in normal weight. The second maybe already in ideal weight.


Of course you are right: How do I plan to achieve that target weight? Fair enough I finally changed my eating habits. A normal breakfast, a good and rich lunch and that’s it. Every day. On anything else running at dusk and dawn as well as my normal training plan.

4-5 kg a week works for me right now 🙂

And this way I leave you until my next post with the song I enjoy to listen while running

Yours truly


TriAddict on pre-race examination…

It happened: I went out for my run. So I went on and… as promised had a look at Challenge Roth swim exit…

Ok, maybe too cold for Challenge right now… then again here we have the bike transition zone:

So on I ran towards the area of Rothsee Triathlon Festival. Rothsee is still covered with thin ice – almost looks like my cold experience on the sprint race last year.

Looking straight forward I look at the bike transition of the Olympic distance race and along the run course:

Returning back to Hilpoltstein I had some interesting talks, met Coach Ralf and his wife afterwards and had a chat with Claudi in the “Zwinger” – if you ever come to Challenge Roth: go there for dinner, have a beer and tell her, where you learnt about her.

And for the Americans looking for medieval flair:

Or some seats for guests:

After all I had nothing to eat today and so I made sure to leave fully sated. Anyway my training today hurt me, but I am happy I finished it nonetheless. What a grand day.



TriAddict: training hurts with bad times ahead?

For some days I am back to Hilpoltstein. Due too that I switched my bike workouts to spinning, since I no longer have a bike around here. Yet…

It all started yesterday evening – preparing some Pasta for a friend and me:

It tasted good and in the end I also had an Aperol sour, went back to the Pension, where I sleep and… had a hard time to wake up at 10:00 am, which is way too late for me. Don’t ask me why – seems I needed the sleep.

Off I went to the fitness studio for some spinning classes – this time with  a friend as instructor:

This time training was a horror to me: It was extremely difficult to raise my pulse above 120 bpm and even more beyond 130 bpm. Sweat on my shoulders, my muscles burning, I take some water, see my pulse watch and while still spinning – 105 bpm. OMG, increase speed, stand up, everything hurts, my stomach turns and… 110 bpm, where 120-134 bpm is my target range.

No matter how much  I did, it was almost impossible to get my pulse above 120 bpm and once I sat down on the bike (still pedalling) my pulse dropped like a brick below 110 bpm.

By times it felt as if I am close to faint – still I was determined to finish this one nonetheless. I know for sure it was not due to the instructor, maybe the Aperol sour? Maybe just not feeling ok? No clue but I just felt like thrown into the corner, unable to get up.

Now some Latte Macchiato’s later I am feeling better and think about going for a run. Yet I had nothing to eat so far (afternoon). Yet I also don’t feel like getting something to eat.

This is a weird day. Somehow, somehow I believe it is also an effect of Coach Ralf’s training, which was explicitly aimed at making me have a greater power output at lower pulse rates.

This gonna be interesting – let’s see, if I go for a run – I might shoot a current picture of Challenge Roth transition zone #1 and maybe also of Rothsee Triathlon festival transition zone.

Yours truly


TriAddict at Challenge Roth running – somehow

So yesterday I returned to Hilpoltstein and went right out with 2 friends to a party. Needless to tell I had some sort of hangover in the morning. Back in my room I tried to work and… fell asleep only to awake at dusk.

Good call: so yesterday I was biking 2+ hours and had 30 minutes running today and I? I fell asleep for the running on this cold day…

There are times where you have to make a choice: don’t run and stay in the warmth or go running into the cold night (-18°C as I write this).

I decided to run.

And while running I suddenly realized… *whoops* here is the Challenge Roth channel (swim), transition zone #1 and the bike start. Well…

transition #1 at swim exit

That’s the world’s biggest swim to bike transition zone, well kinda, soon – in a few months – somehow,… at -18°C at moonlight in the night…

Standing on the side of the channel, this is a view at night up towards the bridge atop the swim course over the channel.

bridge atop the swim course

Of course I had to take a peek at the “in the future to be again swim exit”, which looks like this right now:

Challenge Roth swim exit - somehow

If it looks like snow on the ground close to a bottomless pit: then you know what I saw…

Onward through the cold and the snow. And just because you deserve a look, this is what someone might have seen, had that someone passed me with a light:

TriAddict in the cold

The cap is actually black, when it’s not frozen. Also I had to realize that my earphones are not of best quality: the plastic of the cable froze, while I had my jacket open for the photos… Just imagine some earphone cables, which you normally bend easily, yet this time rock-hard like some steel wire.

My plan told me: 30 minutes base endurance running. I made it 1:20 hours base endurance running.

I am content with today.

Ohh and the worst? I still had my issue to stop smoking. Figure I might have solved this one too 😉

Did I tell I am content with today? Should be if I stick to it.


Yours truly


Dude! Where are you?

By Email I was asked: “Dude! Where are you?”

The answer is simple – I am here:

20120129 run

While at it, I am doing this:

20120129 shoe running

It is dark outside and… cold. Then again no muscle itching, just running.

Life is grand.

Yours truly


Anyone found my motivation over there?

I didn’t.

Today was one of my worst experiences. The past two days I did my training again.

  1. Today I went out.
  2. I warmed up.
  3. I started running.
  4. I stopped after like 100 m
  5. I returned to start.
  6. I started again.
  7. I stopped after like 80 m.
  8. I felt embarrassed.
  9. I went home for lunch.
  10. I could barely move, took a rest.
  11. Now I am reading comments and sitting here.

This was ugly to my mind. Today is tempo runs – that BPET and swimming. I have no idea what is holding me back. Maybe I am just about to become ill? Or… even worse (my personally best guess) – afraid to compete with myself. Simply since tempo runs are about competition, a statement you improved over the past week.

No clue, today I plain feel like a blob in some dark corner in regards to sports. The past week was difficult, the past few days sometimes a pain and it is increasingly difficult to go for running.

Why? Where is my motivation?




TriAddict: about weakness

Weakness can mean a lot. A body, mind, bones,… a lot of things can be weak. My weakness is by times my sheer will to do it, to perform – my ego.

How does this turn out? Take the last few weeks. A lot of running training and I tried to always do it at the limit. At the limit while not realizing how much I am off the scheduled training. Somehow I really did not realize this, even though I knew. So the inevitable happened: I plain could not stand the pain in my muscles anymore. I plain could not get up to train according plan. Thursday and Friday were for an unscheduled rest.

Some time I looked after my mistakes and was down, criticizing myself. Rest of the time I was looking for running technique, training and especially my pain in my muscles. This is what I learned:

  1. Don’t train harder than planned.
  2. There is a lot of potential in running technique. Also running ABC does a lot if one actually applies it to running too.
  3. Stretching the correct muscles is important. I actually always stretched myself but I did not stretch enough and not all the muscles needed. The pain in my thigh is apparently due to a hard muscle, which I never really stretched. *OUCH*
  4. I need to learn a lot and train running technique specific muscles. Today running was the first time for close to a year, where my lower leg and feet muscles hurt. Simply since I trained a “good running style”.

Well I am here to learn, but did not expect it takes me so long in some departments. Then again it is probably like it is with Cowboys… A Cowboy’s work is never done…



tribomber: Do you plan any kind of off-season?

The short answer is: No.

Actually Coach Ralf expected me to do some. Then Coach Ralf saw my “off-season” training diary and asked me about my sanity in regards to – rest. The current plan is: either I need rest this year and tell my Coach or… we go on this way (hardcore) until my first IM distance race. I prefer the latter one but I still complain about my training. Without joking now: this training hurts, yet I feel the positive impact and I feel as if I am running out of time already.

My assortment of wristbands tells everything by now:

triathlon: life is running

triathlon: life is running

It is exactly the way I am living by now: professionally and in private.

No specific rest except rest according training schedule. Mind-wise I am already on the starting line in Frankfurt at Ironman 2012 (every night when I am dreaming).




fatsmoker running – finally a new PR

There you go. Time ago I posted:

“Dear 6 minutes per kilometer, beware when I am not sick anymore – I gonna crush yo!”

This day finally arrived – today. It took me longer than anticipated and doing so hurt more than I thought. It was one of those BPET training units (look  it up on this blog in case you don’t know BPET 😉 ). Still I did. Considering I am not rested but did it in my third full training week of running… Considering that I am really content. 0:35:50 on 5.98 km is 5:59.53 mins/km. It is far from my goal but nice to finally get below 6 mins/km. Also it was quite a strenuous and hilly running course so I am feeling overall good about it. For today only swimming remains and I am good.

Here I come.



Running …

My training plan for now is about running. Something which is very good since I need to improve running, while running helps me loose more weight easily. All that happens by now. Running slowly is by now always below 7:00 min/km (remember how I fought with myself to run less than 7:00 mins/km?) and weight is dropping still.

Also training wise I learned some important lessons – most important the saying of quality of training also applies to running. And quality of training is exactly what Coach Ralf is pushing for now. Let us see…

Also I am now used to running more and more. My joints feel 100% ok (never had issues with those) only my muscles complain by times. Since I am running a lot it is difficult or more like impossible to know how far I have come now. Therefore I am curious on my first tempo test after some days of relaxing. Let us see if I have such a time soon…

As a summary: I am still alive and kicking, while training daily. How do you fare?



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