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TriAddict: training hurts with bad times ahead?

For some days I am back to Hilpoltstein. Due too that I switched my bike workouts to spinning, since I no longer have a bike around here. Yet…

It all started yesterday evening – preparing some Pasta for a friend and me:

It tasted good and in the end I also had an Aperol sour, went back to the Pension, where I sleep and… had a hard time to wake up at 10:00 am, which is way too late for me. Don’t ask me why – seems I needed the sleep.

Off I went to the fitness studio for some spinning classes – this time with  a friend as instructor:

This time training was a horror to me: It was extremely difficult to raise my pulse above 120 bpm and even more beyond 130 bpm. Sweat on my shoulders, my muscles burning, I take some water, see my pulse watch and while still spinning – 105 bpm. OMG, increase speed, stand up, everything hurts, my stomach turns and… 110 bpm, where 120-134 bpm is my target range.

No matter how much  I did, it was almost impossible to get my pulse above 120 bpm and once I sat down on the bike (still pedalling) my pulse dropped like a brick below 110 bpm.

By times it felt as if I am close to faint – still I was determined to finish this one nonetheless. I know for sure it was not due to the instructor, maybe the Aperol sour? Maybe just not feeling ok? No clue but I just felt like thrown into the corner, unable to get up.

Now some Latte Macchiato’s later I am feeling better and think about going for a run. Yet I had nothing to eat so far (afternoon). Yet I also don’t feel like getting something to eat.

This is a weird day. Somehow, somehow I believe it is also an effect of Coach Ralf’s training, which was explicitly aimed at making me have a greater power output at lower pulse rates.

This gonna be interesting – let’s see, if I go for a run – I might shoot a current picture of Challenge Roth transition zone #1 and maybe also of Rothsee Triathlon festival transition zone.

Yours truly


TriAddict – increasingly busy

Slowly I try to increase my workout. Considering past experiences I more cautious as in regular massages, listening to any itch and twitch and much more.

Today started with my… worst workout, something I try to avoid for days: core stabilization. It’s just…. *ugh* to me. Anyways I did and finished that workout, a lot of sweat and feeling exhausted.

Yet riding my bike was due for today and so I set off in the afternoon. Close to dawn I had to attach my bike lights with a cool view down the road, which looked like this:

view down the roadI was curious if I can add a run afterwards too. Yet, when I arrived home both training units from today already had me exhausted. So I save that run for *hopefully* tomorrow after tomorrow’s bike ride.




fatsmoker running – finally a new PR

There you go. Time ago I posted:

“Dear 6 minutes per kilometer, beware when I am not sick anymore – I gonna crush yo!”

This day finally arrived – today. It took me longer than anticipated and doing so hurt more than I thought. It was one of those BPET training units (look  it up on this blog in case you don’t know BPET 😉 ). Still I did. Considering I am not rested but did it in my third full training week of running… Considering that I am really content. 0:35:50 on 5.98 km is 5:59.53 mins/km. It is far from my goal but nice to finally get below 6 mins/km. Also it was quite a strenuous and hilly running course so I am feeling overall good about it. For today only swimming remains and I am good.

Here I come.



TriAddict: You know you are doomed to …, when …

Today I learned a few lessons:

  1. I know I am doomed to improve running, when my training plan offers me running on 5 days in a row.
  2. I know I am doomed to improve running, when my training plan offers me running on 4 weeks in a row.
  3. I know I am doomed to improve running, when my legs hurt and training plan tells me: tomorrow,… tomorrow we go? Running!
  4. I know I am doomed to improve running, when Coach Ralf tells me: “Don’t whine on tempo runs this months – what will you do next month?”

WTF? What did I get into? I see, I see… I have a vision of a lot of pain for me in the future…

Let’s hope it really improves running.



TriAddict – an update on hardcore spinning and the days to come.

There we go: time goes on, except the past 10 days I was kind of lazy… Lazy average of 1.5 hours training a day (sometimes less!!).

On the bright side my spinning lessons go on and on – people take time off just to be able to attend to my sessions 🙂 – I love that.

By now we got always 1-4 people too much, who I have to send away – just too many people. Yesterday I had my last lesson this month and I can barely walk today… People were making fun on “when will the first attendee fall of his bike…”. Of course none did. Spinning lesson yesterday started with a lot of uphill units and “german pop” from 80’s and 90’s. After like 40 minutes all were used to that completely different music by me. Until… until suddenly this came up (no, please dont judge from the vid – only the music 😉 ):

At that moment people from the studio came in and brought new and fresh water, so that my people don’t need to leave to get water. After all we had 50 minutes to go. I think… they realized what was about to come – hardcore spinning ;)…

Another song from last session – imagine riding your bike to the rhythm:

Yet after the unit the whole floor was slippery and wet – all of them were sweating so much, that you could see a trail of sweat from spinning to dressing rooms.

Very cool – I laughed a lot.

Here another song as example for speed from my last session:

Now today back home to Frankfurt, to see my bike and… go biking – I can’t await to ride my TT bike! Also Coach X already planned his first swim training with me for Saturday – I gonna learn dolphin style tomorrow! Yikes!

I am excited!!

Yours truly


TriAddict – screw you, you are an idiot!

Finally someone got it right…

Now we know what TriAddicts are…




fatsmoker2ironman – shot by the police

Not with a gun, but… they shot a photo of me… on my bike… inside city limits… maybe I was too motivated… speedwise… I blame Coach Ralf…

Then again they have no chance to identify me! HA!

Ok once more from the beginning. Today in the afternoon I decided to do today’s training. First unit on plan: 2 hours on my bike. Except Coach Ralf made up a cunning plan by spicing up this base endurance unit (GA1) with… You can guess? Of course – sprints!!!! (There is definitely someone out there, who wants to break me). This time it was called: city limit sign sprints every 30 minutes. It basically means: every 30th minute when I see a city limit sign from far, I sprint as hard as I can until I reach it. I did. Maybe each 20 minutes instead of every 30th minute. Talk about motivation.

One city was slightly uphill.

I didn’t like the thought to be beaten by some uphill route.

I sprinted.

I sprinted more.

My muscles burned.

I told them to shut up.

They didn’t shut up.

I had to punish my muscles.

So I hit the pedal harder.

Muscles wanted to complain.

I showed my muscles what “on fire” really means.

That city sign I passed at 60km/h.


City limit was 30 km/h.

Then I saw the traffic cam.

It shot a photo of me.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask for the photo to post it here. I’d like to. Yet they might have weird ideas of how to treat me and my driver’s license. Maybe I shut up. Coach Ralf is guilty. That’s a good idea. I can live with that. It was Coach Ralf – not me.



PS: I had to do a running up after the bike. Honestly it was impossible so I quit training after 100m. My muscles were simply empty from the past few days. Seems this is where my diet hit me. *grumble*

Borderline puke experience training

Today I learned about a form of training, which is brand new to me: BPET – borderline puke experience training. But from the very beginning…

Yesterday I had running sprints – a new experience to me. Today I had a swim training unit at first.

Something I didn’t mention so far: I rarely see Coach Ralf in swim training, so I took a personal swim trainer where I live – after telling Coach Ralf. That swim trainer actually is a cool trainer with history. History you say? Today I learned that he was a member of a formerly well-known national swim team (I didn’t get his agreement, so no hint at who he is). So let’s call him Coach X. Coach X has 1-2 training units a week with me and it seems he enjoys training me as well as seeing my progress. He knows a lot about swimming and is able to push me to a point, where I never was before in swimming. Additional hints on tips and tricks for swimming, stretching,…by him are a plus apart from his medical knowledge. Currently I am out almost daily doing Coach Ralf’s swim plan as well as additional units by Coach X besides the swim training units with Coach X.

So…. today I had a unit with Coach X. After it started, Coach X introduced me to… extreme sprinting. After the normal hour of personal training by Coach X I could barely move my shoulders or arms. I had issues to take a deep breath for hours afterwards. Not because I am so bad in training, but because Coach X lead me to my limits and pushed me beyond.


Coming home I felt uneasy, not bad, but uneasy. I worked some more and had… bike training! Coach Ralf had a 1 hour training unit listed with some unknown hint at training for me: frequency sprints.

Ohhh my god! Seriously? Sprints? You gotta be kidding me!

Yet I didn’t know what it is and so I googled it. Long story short, the best result I found by google told me about the training effect: puke experience training. “Train so hard that you feel the need to p…, but stop right before actually doing.” Coach Ralf had 10 sprints planned.

I actually cried during the bike training doing those sprints. I also made weird noise, when facing my limits.

As a result I call yesterdays and todays training: borderline puke experience training, short: BPET. BPET is cruel, hurts, is painful, but offers the feeling as if it pushes me forward.

Let’s see….



Weather is good, sun shining, we go… running!

Good choice. Months ago my running sucked. Well it still does, only less… I just read through old posts on how I fought with 10 mins/km (ok with 100 lbs. more) or similar. Also time ago in the beginning I wrote that the improvement at this time is the highest it can be – ever.

I was wrong.

Finally by today I am at 7:16 mins/km (it still sucks – agreed). Yet it is quite an improvement to me, since it means: I achieved 82,6% of my first goal in running (6 min/km being that first goal). When I started I was at 60% of that goal – ok that’s a change. By now it is obvious that I will soon run below 7 mins/km and soon also 6 mins/km. Right now it seems to be a matter of weeks, not months.

Now…. do you have any tips on how to “celebrate” once I am below 7 mins/km and… more importantly at/below 6 mins/km?

Running it again? A steak? A Kobe steak? Hrmmmpfff a bottle of Barolo? Or better a bottle of Scotch – 24-year-old Talisker sounds like an option! Choices, choices,… Actually one thing is in the making, but it won’t be ready by then 😦




I didn’t blog for a few days. Some of you were very irritated. I even got a phone call due to that. *ooops*

What is going on?

I was out doing sport after I kissed the road and hurt my rib(s). Biking hurt but I could “suppress” the pain – cope with it. Then again it became worse and by now I plain fail to suppress the pain. Even going for a slow walk by now HURTS. Today I “had to run” 150m to catch the bus – no chance. Instead I wobbled to the bus stop. There are only two positions where everything is ok: laying in bed on my right side or sitting on my office chair. Anything else is guaranteed to bring pain: sooner or later. Not even a chance to go training. Thinking about training already makes me feel the “pain potential”.

This is frustrating – thus the title of this blog entry: frustration.

I am to see my doctor and I sure as hell try my best to get some hardcore pain-killer – enough is enough.

The frustrated


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