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What keeps me going…

there is a lot to it. Most of all it is my deep-felt belief that anything is possible if only you really want it. Apart from that are of course my goals and as for most other athletes also: my ego. A lot will say: ego does nothing for me, but in fact such a statement alone already is.


But all that doesn’t help me when doing it eg. while running. When I wrote about the “so far longest run of my lifetime” (which actually is still short compared to my goal) I had real pain searing through my muscles. Even today – a day later – I have cramps in my abs, which is ok since I know where those are from. In those moments it is simple stuff which keeps me going. It is stuff like this to make me smile and go on:



Yeah maybe a reason for you to have a smile, still it works for me.




Best part of the week: +1

Lucky me! It is again time: +1 is here! +1 is the day, where I can rest from training and workout, have my body regenerate, have my bruises, abrasions,… heal and feel comfortable in myself while enjoying the increased fitness. That is a cool day always and I enjoy once it is +1 day. Such a day is also a day for the devil’s tail (pull rope) and gymnastics. But hey: better than feeling exhausted (sometimes it really feels gross, am still not 100% used to it).


Anyway +1 is here – all of you go and do your stuff, while I already started with situps, push-ups,… Yes, feels good since I gotta prepare for tomorrow, where I am about to have my longest run ever in my life! 1.5 hours running in a row might add up to 10-12 km, we shall see. I don’t think I ever ran that much at once.


Sometimes, sometimes it feels as if I am crazy. Yet again it feels good to be that crazy!




Sticking to a plan!

Sometimes it is a good idea to stick to a plan. Especially when it is a training plan made by my coach tailored for me.


I am sticking to the plan for just a few days now (also because weather allows me to) and suddenly there are drastic improvements. Eg. pull rope aka “devil’s tail” or endurance or… For the first time I did them intensively in order and today’s endurance swimming rocked big time.


Howgh! Sometimes one just needs to do as told without looking left or right. (Ambitious goals, understanding, proceeding the way I made a plan,… all my thing. But doing as told aka being obediant is not really my kink. Not at all…)




flu(x) spinning compensator

Spinning while having the flu might not be that smart. Yet, I did and it was… grand! Dont’ laugh on the link, I am a Tomahawk spinning class style fan, while that class today was quite “vanilla”. So I was kinda “out of place” but endurance and fitness-wise I felt quite good.


Years before today I was training spinning until it became that bad with my weight. Yet I was in doubt if anything was left of that former fitness. Result: it is all cool. Apart from that I don’t feel the flu either at the moment.


Note to self: Something funny happened. Someone from those Triathlets didn’t recognize me when I greeted him. It was only much later when we almost bumped into each other that he told me: “Ooops I am sorry, I really didn’t recognize you. Damn you lost another chunk of weight – not easy to keep track!” – Later on he added: “Seriously I will never take the chance of a bet with you!” By that he hinted at realizing my progress and made it obvious that he is in no doubt that this will work.


If – if only I was that confident too! By times the daily struggle to keep going is not easy. Sometimes I can’t await to train – other days I need to beat myself to get going. And all that while always trying to maintain my LCHF diet.


I love chocolate!




damnit game over

Damn it just happened – my first belt is on: game over…


Last hole and too much excess leather to carve another hole. Now all I have to do is: make sure that this belt never ever fits me again in my life.




snow in short pants?

cold enough for snow not to melt...In case you just saw a man in half pants riding a bike in deep snow – that might have been me. Granted, seeing someone in deep snow with naked legs from ankle to knees upward biking in sprint speed – now that might look funny. But I can assure you: it starts to hurt, when the snow melts and freezes again on your skin… at least to me fun stopped there. Then again, maybe tomorrow I will receive my long winter bicycle pants – finally. Now I recall why I ordered those…


The picture above is my wool cap, which actually is pitch black, were it not for the frozen snow on it.


Since Suda hinted at it: below pictures I saw in the evening right when I was home. Busses trying to turn, but were unable to, cars which had crashed (only the drivers pride had been hurt – no need for my help 😀 ), summer tires in deep snow… The sight from my balcony was fun – at least when I finally was home and had my legs warmed up again…


My perspective looking upward:


Another one downward:

They made me forget my way home! Lucky me I was out in my mountain bike (don´t ask about my lower legs)!




PS: funnily I explained Coach Ralf how we don´t need Mountain bikes around here and now we got like 5cm, app. 2 inches snow within 2 hours…

+1 evening – last time

The good news? Coach Ralf sent me my training plan. The bad news? To me +1 days always meant something like: lazy, rest, feet up,… For Coach Ralf +1 means something like: do not provide an extensive stimulus for muscles (the wording is pretty important in that last sentence).


To Coach Ralf this of course allows an taking advantage of those by eg. swimming technique training (*)…


Now I almost can see where he is coming from… So today will probably be “MY LAST +1 day” for 1 year, from tomorrow on it will be “CoachRalf’s +1 days”. Out of protest I opened a bottle of red wine and enjoy those last hours and minutes of today – “MY LAST +1 day”…





(*) EDIT: It is “only” 2 km swimming technique training in each unit – I gonna grow me some gills 😀 About those:

Torture Chamber – my third investment

Definitely: I forgot that serious sport can have striking similarities with medieval times. Today my third investment arrived: a pull rope specifically for swimming. Coach Ralf had a *grand idea*: “Maybe your running will still suck when you do the Triathlon, but… you can also do the swimming in 25 instead of 30 minutes and can therefore do the 10 km run in 55 instead of 50 minutes. You will still reach your goal and win your bet!”


Coach Ralf is true, but I underestimated the devilish grin, which I could not see when I read his Email – the point where he recommended the pull rope…


Here two links showing what the “pull rope” is about. My exercise is different but you get the idea… different view/type or example by Dave Scott (starts at 1:44).

Then again: it won´t kill me. Let´s get rolling with the pull rope – I call it “devil´s tail” from now on!



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