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TriAddict: training hurts with bad times ahead?

For some days I am back to Hilpoltstein. Due too that I switched my bike workouts to spinning, since I no longer have a bike around here. Yet…

It all started yesterday evening – preparing some Pasta for a friend and me:

It tasted good and in the end I also had an Aperol sour, went back to the Pension, where I sleep and… had a hard time to wake up at 10:00 am, which is way too late for me. Don’t ask me why – seems I needed the sleep.

Off I went to the fitness studio for some spinning classes – this time with  a friend as instructor:

This time training was a horror to me: It was extremely difficult to raise my pulse above 120 bpm and even more beyond 130 bpm. Sweat on my shoulders, my muscles burning, I take some water, see my pulse watch and while still spinning – 105 bpm. OMG, increase speed, stand up, everything hurts, my stomach turns and… 110 bpm, where 120-134 bpm is my target range.

No matter how much  I did, it was almost impossible to get my pulse above 120 bpm and once I sat down on the bike (still pedalling) my pulse dropped like a brick below 110 bpm.

By times it felt as if I am close to faint – still I was determined to finish this one nonetheless. I know for sure it was not due to the instructor, maybe the Aperol sour? Maybe just not feeling ok? No clue but I just felt like thrown into the corner, unable to get up.

Now some Latte Macchiato’s later I am feeling better and think about going for a run. Yet I had nothing to eat so far (afternoon). Yet I also don’t feel like getting something to eat.

This is a weird day. Somehow, somehow I believe it is also an effect of Coach Ralf’s training, which was explicitly aimed at making me have a greater power output at lower pulse rates.

This gonna be interesting – let’s see, if I go for a run – I might shoot a current picture of Challenge Roth transition zone #1 and maybe also of Rothsee Triathlon festival transition zone.

Yours truly


TriAddict – an update on hardcore spinning and the days to come.

There we go: time goes on, except the past 10 days I was kind of lazy… Lazy average of 1.5 hours training a day (sometimes less!!).

On the bright side my spinning lessons go on and on – people take time off just to be able to attend to my sessions 🙂 – I love that.

By now we got always 1-4 people too much, who I have to send away – just too many people. Yesterday I had my last lesson this month and I can barely walk today… People were making fun on “when will the first attendee fall of his bike…”. Of course none did. Spinning lesson yesterday started with a lot of uphill units and “german pop” from 80’s and 90’s. After like 40 minutes all were used to that completely different music by me. Until… until suddenly this came up (no, please dont judge from the vid – only the music 😉 ):

At that moment people from the studio came in and brought new and fresh water, so that my people don’t need to leave to get water. After all we had 50 minutes to go. I think… they realized what was about to come – hardcore spinning ;)…

Another song from last session – imagine riding your bike to the rhythm:

Yet after the unit the whole floor was slippery and wet – all of them were sweating so much, that you could see a trail of sweat from spinning to dressing rooms.

Very cool – I laughed a lot.

Here another song as example for speed from my last session:

Now today back home to Frankfurt, to see my bike and… go biking – I can’t await to ride my TT bike! Also Coach X already planned his first swim training with me for Saturday – I gonna learn dolphin style tomorrow! Yikes!

I am excited!!

Yours truly


Magnet: TriAddict in action

Somehow… somehow I  still can not stop training, it is never enough. Today I was lazy – I only offered a spinning instructor lesson of 1.5 hours. Since I am instructor I refrained from more training today for myself: I had told my people that today would be exhausting. Their comment?

“Today`s spinning unit with you (me) times four = Challenge Roth.”

I loved that statement… (Mark me that statement was by people who know exactly about Duathlon/Triathlon and Challenge Roth).

Spinning the American way

To my American readers: I “adjusted”  my spinning lesson. How? You might recall the Magnet Nike add:

By now I found the complete song by Fisher:

That song has an interesting power for riding a bike and so I use it for the beginning of a spinning unit as well as for the end. My people now know when it gets serious and when to calm down. Somehow, somehow this song is a tribute to my American readers – a short  moment in my spinning lesson, where I think about you reading my blog and where I smile: Beth, Shonnie, Christi, Scott, Mike and many,many more. When that song plays, you are somehow there in the spinning lesson for a brief moment.

Thank you for taking the ride with me – in times where work overload stops me from posting and in times where I can not stop posting several times daily. Posting  about my addiction: Triathlon.

To those who like to know: here an idea on how spinning can be like – actually the style in the link is somehow similar to how I do it:


I am still around Roth, work does not allow me to go home right now. Still I am feeling good down here. The only thing I miss? My TT-bike I miss, so I increased the amount of spinning units drastically to stay fit on the bike (3-4 times spinning a week + Mountain bike training apart from daily running and swimming). Yes, I still enjoy my workouts. As soon as Coach Ralf is back in action I will try to turn this amount I have now into my regeneration training amount. Right now I do not try to figure out, what that might mean for next month Triathlon training…


Running is a blast – it improves daily now. Some days I am out running up to two times a day. Last run (yesterday) hit me at 6:19 min/km. So I am about 2-4 weeks away from my “long-term” goal of being below 6:00 min/km. Considering my weight-loss, I am sure to get below 5:00 min/km this year. Finally I get to interesting times – yes, I am happy about it.


I got my fight with my wager. Not with my partner I had the wager with, but with the Triathlon club responsible for races and rules. It seems there will be a funny twist to this story. I am still laughing on what is going on and will tell you all about it here once I sent my next letter.

Seems as well as if I will translate the whole correspondence and everything around so you get the drift on what is going on. A small hint: today I learned that a soft breeze of app. 3 miles/hour is actually a gruesome storm, which makes buoys drift apart in mere seconds on a secluded area of a lake covered by tress all around. This of course is the reason for the longer swim course. Yes seriously! I call it: the Frankfurt Triathlon swimming mind storm! (Really stormy that stormy storm is.)

And just because people are less… stringent on the truth on my complaint I started to verify each and every statement by officially available and confirmed data. Seriously – they try to pull my leg. This is exactly the point, where people get me started. I am all in for an honest statement: “Hey, something was wrong!”, “We work on that!”,… A statement like that and I am ok. No need to be the troublemaker for serious and honest people. But pulling my leg and trying to make me shut up by means of… “bending the truth” is plain not wise – promised!

I love this sport and will not allow anyone to spoil it for me this way.


I am ok and kicking still – more than ever. IM Frankfurt casts its shadow and I am already anticipating it, knowing it is close already – much closer than it sounds with 310 days to go…

TriAddict in the end of the season

We are at the end of season, well at least for me. So I watch my club mates calming down, rarely do I see them training. From what I know: almost none is seriously training.

Yet I got a weird disease: I can’t stop training. No, I am not bragging or acting as if. I simply can not stop it. I am afraid to lose the bit of swimming fitness I got, afraid to gain weight, afraid to become slower in running,… all of it and more.

So basically I tell myself: you are bad in swimming and running. Swimming mostly mentally, running due to weight. In my book steady exercise helps, therefore I am out running almost daily, sometimes twice a day as well as swimming or swim muscle training. Day in and day out. On days where I am  running twice a day I take a 6  km course including some running ABC training in the morning and speed training on the same course in the evening. When  I am running once a day I usually pick  a 12-17 km running course.

It’s hot nowadays out there. Still  I do. Am I crazy? Probably. Am I addicted? Definitely.  Do I love it? Hell, yes.

Yours truly


PS: Just once more:

Training until I crawl – day #1

Now that’s something finally. Today in the morning I was spinning instructor. The group didn’t know me and I love making fun of myself like:  “See – I am the biggest and heaviest in here. So this will be a different kind of spinning unit: whereas you always try to keep pace with the instructor, you now make sure that you don’t ride slower or worse than me.” Unfortunately I couldn’t refrain from a big fat devilish smile all over my face.


I figure they had a  faint idea of what’s next…


90’s Techno and a nice story result in some really sweaty people – some tried to keep my pace (I always offer parts for those who “need it” while the others rest)… Those who tried to keep my pace finally gave up and accepted that there is someone heavier and bigger, but also more fit on the  bike… Lesson learned: don’t judge a book by its cover. And since this my “approved” spinning lesson, I also got spontaneous signs of appreciation by the group. Very cool. Here for you the cool down part of my units (you’ll have to experience the part before it for yourself 🙂 in my lessons).


Admittedly at home I felt – exhausted and avoided even walking. So I worked the rest of the day until I felt the urge to complete my training plan and go for some running: 60 minutes running and some fartlek (well not exactly fartlek but similar). End of story I ran the whole way from Hilpoltstein to the Roth lakes, around one lake and  back home. I am  not one of those faint in my heart but running in the woods in deep darkness, only lit by the stars even gave me the creeps for a few moments around the Roth lakes.


Maybe it wasn’t 60 minutes running – might have been 110 minutes – hey I simply got issues in counting Coach!


This run was grand – at no time did I have that weird pain in the beginning – nothing. Seems my regular running in the morning  helps a lot. Instead I had it for the first time, that I needed to stop for a few moments and walk. Everything was ok, except my muscles were definitely empty. Wow, so it wasn’t pain this time but finding a limit of sports coupled with  nutrition (I didn’t eat a lot today).


That’s how my day closes: First my endeavor (banana, apple and orange) and a vegetarian stew with loads of potatoes, carrots,… By now I am sated, my legs still feel empty and avoid moving and I believe I  might hit  the bed soon. Training until I crawl – I never was so close to it as I am right now.


Tomorrow 6:30 am – running again 🙂 – no you are not allowed to tell me that I am crazy. And yes I know I will have to try hard to refrain from crying (this will hurt 😀 ).





PS: Monday  I will be at home. I know my beast is still waiting there – to be taken for a ride, in fact loads of rides. I can’t await time trial training on my bike once again!

Running – stepping by for a short note :)

Running – now that’s not my favorite discipline, exactly the reason why I have to train it more extensively. So for a few days I added running early in the morning at 6:00 am (of course additionally to my training). Yet those running units are extremely easy-going and slow – like a warm up.


Today was the first day, where it felt grand. When I woke up I didn’t need to sneeze, seems my cold is gone for good. So off I went running. What is so funny is that I was slow but warmed up so gently that I also had some great parts where I really was speeding up – more than on normal runs. Feels like a good idea.


Rest of the week gonna be hardcore: normal training units, but I will also be spinning instructor on Friday and take my instructor lessons on Saturday and Sunday (all besides my morning runs and my training).


I bet I gonna crawl by Sunday evening 🙂




swimming, biking, spinning, running,…

Summary: The past few training days except yesterday were not mine.


I went swimming with those Triathletes and I had to stop in training – AGAIN. What happened? I had a headache all day long already, apparently I didn’t drink enough and I still lacked sleep. So I was worse than ever – don’t mention my ego. In training after warmup I could easily swim 75 for the first part, but on … 75-100m I suddenly felt struck in my lungs and barely could breathe… From then on I could only swim 25-35m at once and then I plain left water and felt worse than ever (ego and stuff). Went to a whirlpool trying to calm down. In the pool I realized how much my legs still hurt from running on Sunday and Monday, my whole back and neck hard and slightly cramped and how dizzy I am.


With my lesson learnt, I went to bed early and went up late the next day. The day started with a basic workout for about 30 minutes: pull tail, sit ups, push ups, stretching… In the evening it was spinning and running thereafter. During noon I got me a Crossbike for down here and “warmed up” on a short 9km sprint. When it came to spinning I “exploded” and pushed myself to no ends (ignoring the instructor who called it: endurance 🙂 ). Running afterwards felt like running on eggs again, but it was ok…


What I plain don’t understand is the difference in swimming at home and swimming with the Triathletes. Somehow I do it all wrong when down here, but I need to tell myself all the time that it really is different at home. Then again I ask myself: maybe I am that bad but have a different perception of myself when training alone? Maybe some of either?


Maybe my training is not as hard as I feel it and how I write it here? Maybe I don’t realize how much of a parody I am and how far I am from reaching my goal? Ugh! As a reader you might say: nonono far from that! Yet perception can be a tricky thing – I have to take care esspecially on validating my training results.


Anyways: weight, weight, weight – my overweight kills my workouts also and this I must change asap. Right now I feel different from 3 weeks ago due to the refeed pause I made – this worries me. Before that refeed I felt more … like a sportsman.




Back to Hilpoltstein/Roth

More and more I realize the importance of this blog for myself. Being able to browse back to previous posts helps me a lot – also in understanding what happens to me and my body. So my posts slowly change to becoming a diary. Feel free to comment anytime.


Once more back to Hilpoltstein region. Mainly due to sports as well as business. One reason was offering a spinning training unit with those Triathletes.


Let’s see on the past few days… After Sunday’s running I was once more running on Monday – just because I can :). Even though Coach and I agreed on base endurance training while skipping interval for now, I still wanted to verify our current findings. What did i do? I went out for interval training. It went as expected. Starting off I could do intervals of 200m in 50 seconds, but… increasing intensity made me go much slower. So I couldn’t finish but instead had a lot of slower runs too. Bottom line: I must lose more weight before i go for 200m intervals again. Maybe 100m intervals is a solution for now.


On Tuesday I went south again to Hilpoltstein for a spinning unit with me being the instructor. Basically I believe last spinning unit I offered was a blast for all involved, but this time I was horrible. I may blame lack of sleep (less than 2 hours), work,.. but truth is: last unit I decided that next unit requires technique and of course I tried to incorporate all advice I received from last unit. Bottom line: I had too much advice to look for. When you “really mean to do it good” you sometimes end in doing it bad.  Lesson learned, on to next lesson. Next spinning unit with them (if there ever is one) will be interval again. And just because I am curious I will also make my certified spinning instructor next month.


Don’t worry I don’t intend to become a professional sports instructor (right now it would be more like a parody in my case). It’s just for doing it – because I can.Back to my training schedule: I am curious on maybe training with the people down here once again. Yet I lack a bike – the past few times I compensated with spinning but this becomes increasingly difficult. My training is more complex and coupled training doesnt work easily with spinning. So I gotta arrange me a decent bike for training purposes down here.


Also I decided once more for some changes:

  • I will slowly restart on my diet now. Except I won’t ban all carbohydrates, but instead stick mainly with full corn instead. Let’s see how this works out. No matter how: I need to drop weight below 200 lbs. asap in a healthy way. This is mainly due to my blood pressure stopping me from increasing my speed (see above on interval).
  • I will continue my daily fruit endeavor.
  • I will take my sleep more seriously. Even if it was due to work: the lack of sleep in the past few days had a huge impact on my training efforts. I am aware of the importance of sleep for Triathlon but hoped i could cope with it for a few days. Big mistake.


Let’s see how the rest turns out.




Spinner! So I went…

for spinning to my favorite spinning instructor – I didn’t see her and her lessons for close to 5 years. Now since  I am in full training ( and posting on the warrior board ) I thought it’s a good time to ask her for advice as well as to just have fun in her lesson. It was a blast.


Apart from that I met a very good friend of mine in that lesson (female), who had to look twice to recognize me, even though we met like 5 weeks ago (any need to mention my ego jumped? ).


A good day – training-wise.




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