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Ouuch, Ohhh – ouuooo (weird noises after training)

So I try to get back into it. Biking on my MTB today was… well I live… swimming was actually good, felt good, but now its 3 hours later and my body tells me: “d00d – WTF did you do today?” – well, now I know… I did something, which I didn’t do for some time. Btw: got a new MTB, since my last was stolen… VoiláIMG_0670[1]

Serious training starts on Monday, so today was just a “get up!”. Restarting training is probably as close to masochism as it can get.

What will serious training do to me? Again?

Ouch… have to work, but will probably just go to bed. This doesn’t feel as awesome as I thought it would…

Good night

Yours truly


The sun is shining

It is warm outside. Sitting on the balcony, the sun burns my face. What a grand feeling: winter is now hopefully gone.


The past few weeks I lost my drive to post here. In business and private a lot changed. Soon I am going to be married – YIKES (even me!) and I am self-employed again. Still it is worthless without fitness…


The past few weeks I had some longer runs. Actually I prefer to run at dawn or night and so the city looks a whole lot different. And sometimes – sometimes I have to shoot a picture, even though I didn’t have the drive to post, I still shot those for the blog.

Quelle Bad Homburg

Located in Bad Homburg is a natural fountain, which has been used for a long time. Later on through the park you arrive here…

Kurbark Bad Homburg

That run was exhausting but also fulfilling.


Much later I went on a trip to Milano with my fiance. Somehow I didn’t pack my running shoes and so all that was left was to explore the city day and night and… to go swimming.

Dome in Madrid
Milano was a grand experience, yet swimming im Milano was… an Italian experience. But judge yourself:

So I went to the public bath (I refrain to write about the overall oddities of the bath itself). Once in the pool swimming was well for me, actually I was the fastest swimmer on day 1.

That was not good.

So I was doing some long distance swim on my lane, yet the person in breast stroke I was about to pass didn’t like this. So that one tried to swim faster and kicked to all sides, while I tried to pass.

I couldn’t pass after being kicked twice.

At the end of the lane he immediately swam off in freestyle sprint. Well ok, exactly my speed. Suddenly I couldn’t see any more bubbles in front of me and didn’t see him at the end of the lane. Instead he was on his way back. WTF? That fast or was I that slow?

Again he was swimming breast stroke, again kicking. Again I couldn’t pass him.

At the end of the next lane he was waiting with red head, breathing heavily, apparently about to die, but letting me pass with a smile…

Turns out he cut the previous lane first, just to make sure he stays in front of me.

Italian $%/§&%%& – nuff said.

Back home

Then again swimming regularly helps. Since I returned from Milano I also added daily running in low pulse at dusk and at dawn apart from my regular training plan by Coach Ralf. To make sure I wont be injured like last year, I am massaged almost daily. So I am sure to have no hard, cramped or inflamed muscles at all. Even heavy training only leave me dizzy in worst case, but no more pain.

By now I have the chance to participate in London Triathlon, yet I need to enter by a charity WWF in my case.

Seriously would you donate, so I can participate in London? If some support it, I will.

Yet during all that time there was more.

German duathlon masters

We went there. First to give my fiance an impression of the atmosphere, second since I supported them I felt the need to be there on the day.

Duathlon Oberursel
The season to come

To face the truth I could have trained more till now, then again I feel happy and good besides the still existing excess kilos. If everything is as expected, I might start my first Triathlon this year in normal weight. The second maybe already in ideal weight.


Of course you are right: How do I plan to achieve that target weight? Fair enough I finally changed my eating habits. A normal breakfast, a good and rich lunch and that’s it. Every day. On anything else running at dusk and dawn as well as my normal training plan.

4-5 kg a week works for me right now 🙂

And this way I leave you until my next post with the song I enjoy to listen while running

Yours truly


TriAddict on pre-race examination…

It happened: I went out for my run. So I went on and… as promised had a look at Challenge Roth swim exit…

Ok, maybe too cold for Challenge right now… then again here we have the bike transition zone:

So on I ran towards the area of Rothsee Triathlon Festival. Rothsee is still covered with thin ice – almost looks like my cold experience on the sprint race last year.

Looking straight forward I look at the bike transition of the Olympic distance race and along the run course:

Returning back to Hilpoltstein I had some interesting talks, met Coach Ralf and his wife afterwards and had a chat with Claudi in the “Zwinger” – if you ever come to Challenge Roth: go there for dinner, have a beer and tell her, where you learnt about her.

And for the Americans looking for medieval flair:

Or some seats for guests:

After all I had nothing to eat today and so I made sure to leave fully sated. Anyway my training today hurt me, but I am happy I finished it nonetheless. What a grand day.



Taking a swim

Time is flying – Tuesday I lacked the time to have my flat tyre repaired and to ride my bike. That really bothers me. I gonna take this session this week – somehow.

Anyway yesterday swimming was due so I set off and had my first session with increased distance, my shoulder still itching from Monday’s paddle training. Coach Ralf added loads of butterfly and that was… exhausting. A 2.5km swim with 600m leg kicks and almost 675m butterfly. Almost since in the end… I decided to be more cautious in butterfly to not hit others by mistake. Let’s assume it was 600m butterfly due to that.

Some things I learned in that session:

  1. I am no longer a lame whale in the water in freestyle.
  2. Some weaker swimmers on the sports lane were slower in freestyle than I was with my kickboard doing solely leg kicks – that was funny, considering how slow I was when I started with freestyle.
  3. Doing leg kicks helps so much – more than I imagined. In my first few months I had moments, where I didn’t move forward at all or – even worse – went backward doing those kicks. *no kidding*
  4. In butterfly I learned a lot in becoming faster and more “energy efficient” – that felt cool. Most of all I used my arms in the “pull”  before to get up – out of the water, where it is – of course – much better to push forward and only slightly up on the “pull”. That’s when I started to be faster than other swimmers, when I did butterfly yesterday.
  5. A lot is one’s head when swimming freestyle. Picturing van Hazel’s smooth freestyle stroke made me swim faster and more relaxed – gonna stick to picturing it.
  6. Increasing distance in swimming helps a lot. Four more weeks I will do this medium length and then I gonna try the long sessions of 4+ km.

I enjoyed the swim yesterday.

Yours truly


swim like you are going to drown

Today some power swimming was due, so I grabbed my paddles and pullboy and off I went to the bath. My paddles are actually considered huge and people in training tend to make fun like “I am just watching you to make sure you don’t hit me with those.”

Schwimmen - Paddles

Driving to the bath was annoying since my mountain bike makes noises while driving. I confess I should have cleaned it after the last cross tour:

Yet I arrived and off I went for my swim.

I didn’t swim much but only with paddles – after all it’s a power session. Leaving the pool my shoulders felt like on fire and for the first time in a year my wrist bands felt too tight around my wrists. Actually so much blood pumped through my veins that my first guess was: I have swollen arms. Minutes later it felt ok again and downstairs I prepared to close my biking clothes, preparing for my cold ride through the night.

But I were not me if… well day of confession… I felt an urge to make me feel good and that piece of cake looked just fitting and so…

I ordered it and off with my “loot” – back home…

Hopefully I can soon again lift my arms easily – still feel empty and exhausted.



TriAddict – just a short note

Most importantly: auntie Kate is up again 😀

Yesterday some swimming was due – still I took the time to use the bus to the bike shop to have auntie Kate repaired and off to the swim. Again with paddles and only 1.4 km. Today – the day after – no itch and no pain in my rotator cuff. It is safe to tell that my shoulder is up to par again with swim training. I aim to increase swim training distances over the next few weeks to 2.5km each session to 4+km in the end.

I want to know how far I can get in swimming and feel a lot more comfortable with my technique and my power in my stroke. Consider this: I started as the worst freestyle swimmer around here (in regards to speed) and by now am already average. I want to push that further.

For Rothsee Olympic I am still somehow in panic – will I achieve my goal? Luckily my pounds drop even faster now – almost a kg (~2lbs.) a day. All that only by sports, while eating normal and healthy. Nonetheless I intend to have a present for myself in case I can do it: buying me my dream TT bike (incl. a disc wheel) from Fritz Buchstaller in Hilpoltstein as well as a normal road bike – Fritz already has an idea on which bike he considers fitting for me.

Looking forward for the days to come until Rothsee Triathlon. Damn I want to finish the “fat” part in fatsmoker2ironman already.



TriAddict on swimming – the smoothest freestyle stroke in the world?

Today was swimming and truth be told: for the most part it was a fight against the machine. Everything was wrong from the start, I had a headache before it started, people in the pool smelled after garlic (no kidding), some lady apparently forgot the shower and stunk from some cheap perfume,…

It’s a good bath but tonight there were quite a lot of weirdos in there.

Yet swimming on schedule so what did I do? I went swimming of course.

It was no superb training session and I am glad it is over. Still I am content I did. Back home I prepared the new page on Triathlon tips and tricks and suddenly… Suddenly I stumbled upon this video:

I am still stunned and impressed watching this video.

How do you do?



The cold and swimming – what a wannabee ironman is made of…

freestyle training sessionYesterday a swim session was scheduled. Then again it is dead cold outside at approximately -10°C. Anyway I am still determined to do it the way I am used to: packed in warm clothes, on my bike and off to the bath.

Once in the pool I somehow had issues to understand today’s training plan. So I did not think too much but tried to just do it…

Leg training with kickboard and then 800m at once in a row at 75% – what is Coach Ralf smoking? Ok, we try… And? It worked. 1 minute rest and another 400m at 80%… He must be smoking good stuff. And? I could. 100m after 1 minute rest at 85%. *grumble* okokok giving it a shot. It worked.

Actually I don’t know, why I could or how it is done. I was sure to be unable to swim 800m in a row after my rest. Yet it worked and it felt good. Thank you Coach for a cool training session.

Only later I realized I misread the plan and that I was not meant to do those 800m or 400m at all in a short session. Anyways, I could and I feel good – really good.

Let’s have a look at the things to come.

It was for later in the dressrooms, where a Triathlete, who was also in the pool, passed me and noted (looking at my biking clothes): “You are not seriously biking home?”. I replied: “Sure thing I do. You don’t?”. “No way in hell I would at this cold!” he answered. “Coward!” I replied. And he just said: “I am gladly a coward and openly admit it considering the cold outside…”.

I smiled.

(And I felt cold on my way home.)



On the run… errr bike… err no! swim!

Am posting in a hurry. Today was biking. Well biking it should be – then again it was raining. I waited for it to stop. It stopped. Only to restart more heavy than before. Going out with my bike would have been like going to swim. So I decided to make it swimming.

Swimming was cool, I feel good and now off into the city – on a meeting.


Sometimes – sometimes life is grand.




fatsmoker running – finally a new PR

There you go. Time ago I posted:

“Dear 6 minutes per kilometer, beware when I am not sick anymore – I gonna crush yo!”

This day finally arrived – today. It took me longer than anticipated and doing so hurt more than I thought. It was one of those BPET training units (look  it up on this blog in case you don’t know BPET 😉 ). Still I did. Considering I am not rested but did it in my third full training week of running… Considering that I am really content. 0:35:50 on 5.98 km is 5:59.53 mins/km. It is far from my goal but nice to finally get below 6 mins/km. Also it was quite a strenuous and hilly running course so I am feeling overall good about it. For today only swimming remains and I am good.

Here I come.



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