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Ouuch, Ohhh – ouuooo (weird noises after training)

So I try to get back into it. Biking on my MTB today was… well I live… swimming was actually good, felt good, but now its 3 hours later and my body tells me: “d00d – WTF did you do today?” – well, now I know… I did something, which I didn’t do for some time. Btw: got a new MTB, since my last was stolen… VoiláIMG_0670[1]

Serious training starts on Monday, so today was just a “get up!”. Restarting training is probably as close to masochism as it can get.

What will serious training do to me? Again?

Ouch… have to work, but will probably just go to bed. This doesn’t feel as awesome as I thought it would…

Good night

Yours truly


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