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Happily married – love it!

End of last year my enthusiasm was on a high for Triathlon. Yet it is like always… I am a man. And I met a lady. Not some lady. THE lady I met. I met a lady and knew: “that’s her”. And told myself: “You are stupid if you let her go!”. Well I was smart: I did not let her go, but married her 🙂

Then again: it really was (and is) a life changing experience. Except for triathlon this was baaad. Like really bad. Not because she stopped me to workout and train, but because we needed time together and most other things lost their importance drastically. Couple that with a drastic change in business life and you get an idea on how the priority of sports dropped for me slowly.

Yet I trained all the time, but not as much.

Then race season approached and I was happy to race. For that I put my Neo on for my first open water test swim and… mind-boggling catastrophe. I trained swimming a lot beforehand, improved technique drastically (or so I thought), sometimes swimming 5 times a week (despite my other changes). But when I was open water swimming, I could not even swim freestyle for 200m in a row. How should I do 1,500m+ ? Even worse: considering my training, this was a real shock to me. And so,… I slowly dropped training completely…

The times I trained, I trained together with my wife, sorts of being “her personal trainer”. And I loved it. She wasn’t swimming for like 10 years. But with me she went swimming almost regularly. Not because she wanted to do me a favor, but instead I realized she really enjoyed it – I was able to make it enjoyable for her. You can barely imagine the fun, joy and laughing along the way.

So I slowly dropped all races and did where I felt good and where there was and is a lot to do: business life and private life.

Unfortunately (or luckily?) the Triathlon-fever was still burning. And so I also started Triathlon-projects in my Marketing consultancy. As a matter of fact I started to support several race organizers and… suddenly also an athlete. Patrick Lange his name. Let me tell you: this was and is great fun! Doing my work in a field I love most. When I first had contact with the option to support him,… by then I did a lot of research. As a result it turned out, that Patrick has huge potential. I compared numbers of successful athletes in the past to top athletes of that time. Then I did the same with Patrick and compared his numbers (races, race times, age, weight, history,…) with top athletes of today. As a matter of fact: that guy has it. And so… we work together and a friendship grew. Yet Patrick would not be Patrick, if I he would not push others. And so the time came, that I suddenly did my first run again…

Where that leads to? I don’t want to tell – this time just do. but I will write those steps down, like I did in the past

Yours truly


PS: Ohh and who likes to read more or see what I did the past few weeks in that regard, Patrick’s website is here and his facebook presence here.

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