Running – stepping by for a short note :)

Running – now that’s not my favorite discipline, exactly the reason why I have to train it more extensively. So for a few days I added running early in the morning at 6:00 am (of course additionally to my training). Yet those running units are extremely easy-going and slow – like a warm up.


Today was the first day, where it felt grand. When I woke up I didn’t need to sneeze, seems my cold is gone for good. So off I went running. What is so funny is that I was slow but warmed up so gently that I also had some great parts where I really was speeding up – more than on normal runs. Feels like a good idea.


Rest of the week gonna be hardcore: normal training units, but I will also be spinning instructor on Friday and take my instructor lessons on Saturday and Sunday (all besides my morning runs and my training).


I bet I gonna crawl by Sunday evening 🙂




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