Training until I crawl – day #1

Now that’s something finally. Today in the morning I was spinning instructor. The group didn’t know me and I love making fun of myself like:  “See – I am the biggest and heaviest in here. So this will be a different kind of spinning unit: whereas you always try to keep pace with the instructor, you now make sure that you don’t ride slower or worse than me.” Unfortunately I couldn’t refrain from a big fat devilish smile all over my face.


I figure they had a  faint idea of what’s next…


90’s Techno and a nice story result in some really sweaty people – some tried to keep my pace (I always offer parts for those who “need it” while the others rest)… Those who tried to keep my pace finally gave up and accepted that there is someone heavier and bigger, but also more fit on the  bike… Lesson learned: don’t judge a book by its cover. And since this my “approved” spinning lesson, I also got spontaneous signs of appreciation by the group. Very cool. Here for you the cool down part of my units (you’ll have to experience the part before it for yourself 🙂 in my lessons).


Admittedly at home I felt – exhausted and avoided even walking. So I worked the rest of the day until I felt the urge to complete my training plan and go for some running: 60 minutes running and some fartlek (well not exactly fartlek but similar). End of story I ran the whole way from Hilpoltstein to the Roth lakes, around one lake and  back home. I am  not one of those faint in my heart but running in the woods in deep darkness, only lit by the stars even gave me the creeps for a few moments around the Roth lakes.


Maybe it wasn’t 60 minutes running – might have been 110 minutes – hey I simply got issues in counting Coach!


This run was grand – at no time did I have that weird pain in the beginning – nothing. Seems my regular running in the morning  helps a lot. Instead I had it for the first time, that I needed to stop for a few moments and walk. Everything was ok, except my muscles were definitely empty. Wow, so it wasn’t pain this time but finding a limit of sports coupled with  nutrition (I didn’t eat a lot today).


That’s how my day closes: First my endeavor (banana, apple and orange) and a vegetarian stew with loads of potatoes, carrots,… By now I am sated, my legs still feel empty and avoid moving and I believe I  might hit  the bed soon. Training until I crawl – I never was so close to it as I am right now.


Tomorrow 6:30 am – running again 🙂 – no you are not allowed to tell me that I am crazy. And yes I know I will have to try hard to refrain from crying (this will hurt 😀 ).





PS: Monday  I will be at home. I know my beast is still waiting there – to be taken for a ride, in fact loads of rides. I can’t await time trial training on my bike once again!

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