The Triathlete nest…

Time and time again there are things, which make me laugh and which I don’t believe. That is especially when someone exaggerates or is gloating. It becomes worse, when it is from officials…

Whenever I travel to Hilpoltstein there is a sign at the highway: Triathlon region Rothsee.

Ok they got the Roth challenge there, the former Ironman Europe, so I knew, where they are coming from. Still seeing that sign always made me grin or giggle – just because I considered it funny calling a region a Triathlon region just because of one competition. I always made my fun about the people involved.

I was dead wrong.

There is definitely a nest of Triathletes here – where they are bred and coming from. You go out running and  no matter they time of day, you got 2-3 Triathletes passing you – every 5 km running. On the bike it is worse – usually they come in packs of 3-5 on time trial bikes. I  mean seriously I didn’t see a normal person on a bike for 3 days down here! But loads of Triathletes on TT-bikes or several people minding some serious business uphill on some high-end Mountain bikes. Swimming is even worse. Today swimming in the open bath we had more Triathletes in neoprene suit in the pool than normal swimmers.

No kidding – you gotta see that to believe.

Now you can say: fatsmoker, it is just because you are training yourself and therefore saw them. Unfortunately the story goes on… So, I was out for dinner in some nice spanish/mexican restaurant, enjoying the food and talking about Triathlon. Actually I am not sure if I can or should start at the sprint part of the Rothsee Triathlon in 20 days, so we were arguing at our table. Suddenly a voice from the side, the innkeeper – “Which Triathlon is it you are talking about?” – “I answered: 1st day of Rothsee Triathlon, sprint distance.”. And he answered: “Now that’s cool, I do my Ironman distance each year and also some shorter ones. This year am also at the Rothsee Triathlon 2nd day on olympic distance: Speedfighters is my team name, also got my restaurant’s name on my shoulder there: Teatro.” We talked for some time…

I confess: there is sufficient reason to call this region the Triathlon region. There is a nest closeby – I gotta find it!

Stay tuned for next report.



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  1. What a great place! That sounds like Boulder which is not far from me!

  2. I bet that you were enjoying yourself beyond belief. It is so fun to run into people who participate in this sport. 🙂 Enjoy!

    • Sometimes it is frightening down here. That is how much it is about Triathlon. There are times of the day where I am afraid to train just because of the sheer amount of high end Triathletes passing by – you can have an increasing complex here. Also there is a bike-shop closeby, which some world-class Triathletes from all over the world frequently visit.

      This includes Faris al-Sultan, Raelert-brothers, Chrissie Wellington, McCormack,… Might as well happen that you run into one of those while training.

      Maybe there is some sort of queen close, hatching Triathlete eggs?

  3. Always exciting to be around people who share your passion–even if you are not at their level yet. Do not be intimidated by them–you will get there!

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